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He reached out to me 10 years later

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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He reached out to me 10 years later

Recently my ex bf reached out to me. We haven't talked in 10 years.

When we were together, we were quite young and kind of immature which I think was the reason we broke up. I remember he was the first person I got really close to, as was I to him.

When he reached out to me recently, it was out of nowhere. (When we broke up, we hated eachother quite a lot) We talked about how life was going for us and the partners we experienced in our 10 years apart. He told me he started missing me all year last year and that I am the one person who shaped him to be who he is today. He told me he's doing better now although he lost himself over the last years we were apart and believes he can find himself again if I were a part of his life.

I have a boyfriend currently and he is aware of that. But is there the possibility he is still in love with me after all these years? I truly cherish him as a friend but I'm afraid... so far he hasn't made any romantic remarks but he has been deeply expressive about how much I mean to him. For example, his mentioning of losing himself made me ask if there is anyone else from our past he would like to get in contact with. His response was that I am the only one from the past he wants to connect with.
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I would really be careful about someone reaching out from 10 years ago. They are likely romanticizing their time with you, and it would be completely different if you two actually met up. You are different people now.

I had this happen several years ago myself. A guy I dated in college reached out to me on social media with flattery about how he never stopped thinking about me, I was special, ect. Come to find out he was married but going through a rough time with his wife. He was looking for an outlet. I shut it down immediately, but it just goes to show you that there could be an agenda.
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Unfortunately, an old bf professing love and suggesting that you are the "one that got away", is quite a common situation and it usually means he has hit a dry spell and is looking for a hook up or a FWB, or if he is married he is likely looking for an OW.
Of course there may be some genuine guys out there, but be careful and take everything with a pinch of salt.
You have a bf, do not risk your relationship for this, it is probably not worth the hassle it will no doubt cause you.
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