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Need on moving on

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Need on moving on

Hey all, so my story is a bit confusing but I'll try to sum it up as well as possible.

My ex and I broke up a few months back. The reason was another one of my exes (who I haven't spoken to in years) had reached out to some of my friends and making accusations about me that were not true. They told my girlfriend at the time and had one person reach out to me to confront me about my behavior. I was open and understanding but still had to deny what they were accusing me of. I should mention that out of this group of 5-6 people, not one of them said a single word to me about it besides the "leader" of the group, and I haven't spoken to them since even though they still like my social media posts.

My girlfriend did not take it well. Even though she believed that I wasn't guilty, she hated how I handled the situation (I told her I needed a couple days to think about what was happening and what I was going to do to relieve the tension in the group--she accused me of ignoring her and went single on FB without telling me, then a few days later called and basically made me break up with her. Honestly don't even know how that happened, but I suspect it was the result of her gaslighting me and being emotionally manipulative, which I only realized after being apart from her.) She continued to accuse me of abandoning her and made me feel like the whole situation was my fault, but all of my (real) friends have rightfully pointed out that she was being toxic and selfish when she should have been supportive.

Anyway, I ended it and tried to be cordial. We talked once or twice over the next couple weeks, nothing special, until she told me she wouldn't want to talk again until after the semester because she needed to focus. The semester ends and... no contact. I decided she probably still needed some more space.

While all of this is happening, she is constantly subtweeting me and attacking my character (in the second or third person of course) on Twitter and saying all of these upsetting things I won't repeat. My friends have told me repeatedly to block her but something is making me very hesitant. Perhaps I feel like blocking is too aggressive and I will feel guilty? Or maybe I still have an urge to see her post and am afraid of losing that privilege...

Either way, her posts upset me every time but I keep looking. Just typing this out, I think the answer is very clear but I just wanted to get some input on it because I haven't really articulated my situation in this manner since **** started going downhill.

What do y'all think--is blocking the right move? Thanks in advance for the help...

EDIT: Should also mention that her most recent subtweet was today... on my birthday... Which is what brought me to Google and inevitably here. Also, I am new here and didn't realize certain words were filtered out so ignore the weird title to this thread (should have said "Need help moving on")

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Your friends are right just block her. You life will be so much better without her drama in your face all the time.
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Give yourself a birthday present - block her and move on, leave her in your rear view mirror.
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