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Going through a breakup alone

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Unhappy Going through a breakup alone

So where do I begin? I really loved this girl, and we broke up over something as small as a piercing. Anyways, it's been about 6 months and I'm trying my best to stop moping around over her. Unfortunately, I lost the few friends I had while I was in a relationship with her. My mom is a single mom, and for anyone who went through the same scenario, you know how hard it is to open up with her. Especially when she constantly emphasizes how you should act as a man. She's extremely strict and she always gets mad at me over the smallest things. Did I forget to close the bathroom door? Well, she'll scream at me and tell me how useless I am. I mean, she doesn't hit me or anything, but 9 times out of 10 her words hurt more than any spanking. I really have no one to turn to. My girlfriend said she would always be there for me even if we weren't together anymore, but let's just say that hasn't happened. I've recently been thinking about death and how no one would miss me, and today I was actually about to do that. I tried contacting her through all methods, seeking for help, but I guess she really doesn't want to hear from me. This is why I'm turning to an online forum! You guys and gals now that breakups are always difficult, but some of you may also know how difficult it is to go through one all alone with no support. Do you guys have any tips on what I should do to get through this? If you have gone through something similar, how did you recover?
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Things get better... I know its easy to say and hard to picture, but coming from someone whos been in your position, losing what i thought was the love of my life, and having noone to truly talk to about it, i can honestly say it does get so much better in time. I think about my ex now after two years apart and im so happy to see her in a loving relationship with someone new.
You need to never contact your ex, dont let them know you're hurting, you need to retake control of your life. Go to the gym, get swole, its an incredible stress release. Go for walks and listen to happy music, focus on your health and your career/goals. Your ex probably finds you weak and pathetic right now, you need to retake control. When she sees you're doing great, socialising, looking great physically etc, she will be more inclined to reply to you, although dont let that be your focus. Hang in there, you're not alone, this forum helped me tremendously through my first breakup, i recently broke up with my second girlfriend, and yeah it sucks but just let it amplify your desire to succeed and make them regret their decision.
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I don’t wanna start with the “I know how you feel “ but guess what ? 99% of the people here really know how you feel.
It can be very tough, esp when your ‘soulmate’ isn’t there anymore. I’m more than 8 months in and I still relive the first few weeks, I feel better but only because time has ‘healed’ some of those times.

My message, give it time, try to take care of yourself, whatever it might be, gym, new hobbies, school, jobs , accomplish small goals at a time, try to get close to your mom and perphas this ugly situation could bring you together.

It might feel like the worst days are coming but hold on, I can assure you time heals all wounds
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