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I think I'm over it than I'm not

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Old 7th March 2018, 2:03 PM   #1
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I think I'm over it than I'm not

I keep hoping he'll reach out to me, but he hasn't. I'm jealous he'll probably have a girlfriend before I have a boyfriend. Because it'll be hard to resist that young professional who even came out to his house looking for him she likes him so much. My ex was in a small town everybody knows everybody and where they live.

The on-line dating is helping distract me but I remember how he asked me out on a nice date, right now I'm getting sex addicts basically. I'm blocking people left and right. What happened to normalcy? Don't people want to date before showing you their junk? Granted some are nicer than his was, because they work. But honestly I'm looking for serious dating not just dating.
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Old 7th March 2018, 3:44 PM   #2
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Healing after a break up is not a linear straight forward process. It's two steps forward one step back & it takes a while. CW suggests it takes at least 1/2 the length of the time you were together.

This idea that you are ready to start another relationship is misguided. Have a fling if that is what you want but please don't think you are searching for anything other than a rebound at this point. Part of the reason you can't find somebody is that you are not yet in a good place to be open to a new relationship.

Seriously can you find somethings else -- anything else -- to distract yourself other than OLD? When you get your own emotions back in line, then it will be easier to find love again.
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Old 7th March 2018, 4:28 PM   #3
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With all due respect, normalcy also doesn't include using a new person to help us get over an old person. You are currently in the same position as the ones you complain about: the ones who have a high risk of causing pain to others because they aren't willing, able or ready to get into a new, solid relationship.

As D0nnivain said, healing isn't a linear process. Please stay offline until you've finished grieving the relationship. It's not fair to yourself or others.
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Old 7th March 2018, 6:00 PM   #4
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I think the issue here is you are looking for the same type of relationship you had with your ex because that is what you were used to. Let go of that, and be more open. Understand, what you had and the way you had it will be different, even the things that you liked but you also may like new things. You don't have to sleep with anyone you go on a date with even if they are hitting you up for that. Take control of the dating game and create the kind of dates you want.
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Old 7th March 2018, 6:19 PM   #5
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Donnivain always has my money !, it's never linear, last week I thought I healed, I was happy only to feel so terrible this week.

I'm still haunted with comparisons, I still feel I'm less, and sometimes feel she found someone better, miss her .

One thing I know, it will end one day, whenever that is, it surely will come, I wish we could turn off our minds and restart, but the thought are inevitable, let them be, they will surely pass
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