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Feeling Guilty and Lost

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Feeling Guilty and Lost

I cheated on my bf. We've been together for just over a year, and he's so good to me, but I'm ready to move on and see other people. Specifically the person I cheated with. I know what I did wasn't right, and I've told my bf about it. I thought he'd get mad and break up with me on the spot. Instead he forgave me and told me we could fix things. I feel terrible giving him hope that I might come back. Last night he finally acknowledged that I wasn't coming back, and it felt like the world fell out from under me and that there was a giant hole on my chest. It was such strong immediate regret that I went to his house and apologized, and we got back together. I promised that I wouldn't do that to him again, because last night I believed that. But this morning I'm not so sure. I'm 21 and I don't want to settle down yet, which he's made it clear is his goal. When I tried to break up with him a couple days ago he wouldn't let me leave his house, and he kept saying he wouldn't be able to anything without me. When I went over last night he told me how scared he was that I wouldn't come back.

I have so much fun with the other guy, and everything is so carefree with him. After being with him, being with my bf isn't the same, it's duller. I don't think I'm making the right decision staying with my bf, but after what I did last night I don't know how to breakup for real this time. I don't want to hurt him more, but I know that I'll never be as into this relationship as I was before, and he deserves someone who can.
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So do the right thing...

So do the right thing...

So you already cheated which is a horrible thing to do. You will understand more when it happens to you.

Have the decency to break up with your BF, please.

You already made some really bad mistakes and some bad decisions, and you have already hurt your BF, just do the right thing.
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