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Lost as to the real reasons she left - your take?

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Thank you all for your insights so far.

Some of you talk of the "niceness" on my part. The funny thing is I've been tough on her in the beginning to set my standard and may have lessen for I thought there wasn't a need for. Or else she has played a submissive role to get me and then shown her real face as time passed. Either way i agree that i may have tolerated stuff that i shouldn't have. BUT the thing is I was so dominant that it was almost a discomfort for me to act that way.

Anyway i talked to her daughter yesterday and she interestingly told me her mother act like this with everybody, the daughter included. That she is ceetainly suffering from childhood psy injuries and her, the daughter who is 23 today, was at some point wondering if her mother loved her. I know of the story as the mother confided to me all first hand.

In all i believe her attitude reflects her past and that she suffers from some sort of mental issue or something of this kind. As for me, i think i probably have codependency issues as someone mentioned in the thread. However what kind of love can be lived if one is detached in the relationship?

I don't know if i want to try with her again but it is hard for me to sort of reboot when you've imagined spending the rest of your life with someone. In the victim-persecutor-rescuer scheme, i think i am a rescuer by nature and she is a persecutor for sure. It says to have a rational decisioning when comes situations like this in order to get out of the circle but it is not easy. Love is love. And i feel like i'm not sure anymore what love is. The constant question i have is did she really love me? If yes it's odd to act that way; if not this world is f***ed.

I have started dating again and met this woman (acquarius as well as my ex...) who clearly is a persecutor. I dropped the thing with such a class that she would n't believe and had to get back to me for explanation. I'm talkking to many women and some of them of high quality (so some people would think of them, but i personally don't care about the social status) and i start to believe that before making a decision as big as having a family with someone, that maybe love is not enough as my ex would say: are they sane?

But if we start to do all this calculation is it still love or some interest of some sorts?
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