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Ex(17f) me (19m) broke up 2 months ago. shes seeing someone but contacting me?

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Ex(17f) me (19m) broke up 2 months ago. shes seeing someone but contacting me?

We dated for almost 2 years. We broke up because there was a lot of fighting and I was making the same mistakes, etc. the day of the breakup she started dating this guy and has been dating since. They knew each other literally 3 days before the breakup so sorta also the reason I broke up is she was hanging with him all the time those 3 days and even missed my mothers birthday to hang with him.

Anyways, she’s never returned my stuff! She would plan a day then stall or that day didn’t work out with me, although she can just leave it on the porch... I went NC for about 28 days. She reached out first, using my “stuff” as a convo starter. Then it got into a convo. I acted cool, didn’t say I wanted her back(although I do, been working on myself etc) that was like a week and a half ago. She spoke with me for a few days keeping the convo going and I didn’t even ask 1 question..

I just replied depending what she said. Then she did wish me a merry Christmas and my mother. Spoke a little bit on Christmas and she saw my story on Snapchat about my VR, virtual reality, thing I got and she said she might as well try it out one day whenever she returns my stuff, I said okay. Anyways then we spoke this past weekend, since Friday night. On Snapchat, she would start the convos every morning etc. I did ask a few questions and just tried to be cool, confident as idk I see a lot of things online that just be the best version of yourself, as our breakup was pretty bad and I begged and pleaded, I’m just rewriting what she thinks of me I guess. She wish happy New Years first.

Anyways my point is, for the most part she doesn’t text me when she is with him, she waits till she’s not busy with him and idk how I should feel about that. She’s dating someone.. but talking to me aswell. I been friendly because i do want my stuff back lol. It’s cold and she has hella hoodies of mine.

I can’t tell if I’m being used, but those guides online that say just be a good version of yourself and be confident and show her your change, do all that while she’s with the new guy? It hurt like hell seeing pictures of them before the NC. Now it sorta does but not enough for me to show it, or to even make me cry anymore. I want her back in the end but also don’t wanna stunt my growth either. What do you guys think? Were "Technically" friends now. Shes willing to hang out aswell. But how successful is re-attracting an ex while shes seeing someone?

TL;DR- My ex and I broke up about 2 months ago, shes dated a new guy since. I went into 28 days of NC focused on myself. She has been reaching out to "Return my stuff" as she did before the NC. She stalls or doesn't leave it out on the porch. She has initiated contact and we been "friends" the past week and a half, i want her should i continue to re-attract her or what?

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You was expecting loyalty from a 17 year old? Come on man.......
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dude, she was cheating on you. And probably a lot longer than three days. You don't have to have sex in order to cheat. I speculate that she's been crushing on this guy and he finally start to show interest in her. Once he was onboard, she kicked you to the curb. That could explain why she was fighting with you all the time. Easier to leave someone if you're mad at them.
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