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Respecting myself VS. Disrespecting him

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Respecting myself VS. Disrespecting him

Hello LS.. so my relationship of 19 months has come to an end last Sunday (finally and ironically if you've read my history) It's been going South for a while, we'd fight.. he'd go silent, i sure as hell wasn't going to chase him so we'd go 7 days with out a word from either of us, which is weird for me since i'm used to my exes always chasing me or doing anything it takes to make up, perhaps see things from my view, but this one.. man... i should have known.. he screams emotionally unavailable down to the core.

So my dilemma i bring here is.. we have a wedding to go to tomorrow (i'm his guest) and literally nothing has been brought up all week about it after our last phone call on Sunday...

THE FIGHT: his kids mothers car broke down and she takes them to school every morning (kids live with him, she goes there in the morning when he leaves for work), i predicted the outcome to him, and sure enough as i'm literally on my way over there as i am every Sunday night he says "you were right... the outcome is what you said.. she's sleeping over" UHMMM excuse me? So that means "i'm not allowed over"

We dealt with this last time when YOU were on hard times and i tried to be understanding, now it's when SHE's on hard times needing a ride, you two are a family and can figure things out from here on out with out me, i hung up. He sent a message Wednesday morning "have a great day" (dumb me responded you too ) , Thursday "rise and shine" (breadcrumbs) i have not responded, if he was a normal human being who had any respect for me or if i was a priority he'd make things right! Not just so carelessly letting me go, on top of our fights just being radio silent with me not even attempting to see anything from my view.

So anyway am i being disrespectful not getting in touch over being his date tomorrow? Hell he probably has another date Lol. I really am just over the whole thing... I recently read an article "accept nothing less than everything"
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Originally Posted by IfonlyIknew View Post
I really am just over the whole thing...
Then being his date would probably just end up being a bitter night and experience. It's either going to be a crap night for the both of you or it'll be a good night but your problems will still be there in the morning.

Because it's "his event" I would say it's his responsibility to reach out to you. Decide if you truly want to go. It seems you don't.
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I would definitely not reach out OR go to the wedding. There are way worse things in life than going to a wedding dateless. I just did it last month. He will be fine.
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