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Is she in a rebound relationship?

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Exclamation Is she in a rebound relationship?

Is she in a rebound relationship?y girlfriend who I dated for a year and 2 months broke up with me for the second time, on the 1st of October to be exact. I met her on July 2016 and started dating toward the end of August that same year. We were SO into each other and we had a lot in common it was crazy. We were each other’s first, I guess, serious relationship and I took her virginity. We invested so much time into each other, basically whenever we weren’t busy or working, we’d spend time together, or everyday waking moment. We were madly into each other and we were happy.. Anyways, the first break up was in July 2017 because she says we would fight too much, she had major jealously problems and she wasn’t sure how she was feeling towards me, and she started getting feelings for her best guy friend/sorta ex from high school, I tried fighting to keep the relationship going but she wouldn’t accept it and so all I could do is let her go... Anyways, her and her best guy friend— they had a thing in high school(about a year or two ago) and he ****ed her over when he went back to his ex and she was really hurt, so he then deeply apologized to her, they then decided to stay close friends since then..

Anyways, she broke up with me the first time in July, we were broken up for about two weeks. She broke up with me then right after she started hanging out with that guy from high school again. But during those two weeks of being broken up, they both had a thing again and she would always contact me, asking how I’m doing, what I’ve been up to and telling me how much she needed me in her life and missed me but still wouldn’t get back with me. And sometimes she would call me while I’m out with girlfriends and I’d tell her I’m with them and she’d start crying and hang up. It was like she hates that I’m with them but still won’t do anything about as if I dumped her or something so I was confused on why she gets sad, she kind of asked for this.. But until two weeks later from the break up, I went to her house to drop off her stuff and as I was giving her her stuff she started crying and saying things like she doesn’t know why she did what she did and that it was a big mistake and how she wanted me back and how much she couldn’t go without me. And shortly after that she started getting a panic attack because she realize that she was losing me. After I calmed her down that day, we went to the park and we talked and she ended up calling the guy and telling him that they can’t be a thing anymore and that she still loves me.. So that day she cut him out and then we dated for another two months (till October 1st) then she started telling me things like she’s unhappy, thefighting was back and nothing really changed from the first time around, like when we got back together, as soon as we got comfortable again, we went back to all the problems we had the first relationship so she broke up with me again saying she wants to better herself and that she’s not ready for a relationship and that she’s stressed but then... I Find out 2-3 days later she’s officially dating that guy.... I don’t get it, he’s kind of a loser, he smokes weed every day, which I’m sure she’s doing now and he has no job, no car, I don’t get it... she’s already posting things about him saying that she loves him and stuff can she really love him that quick? Or maybe she has been loving him?? Idk?? and she hasn’t reached out to me or told me she misses me, doesn’t care I’m out with girls or anything like she did the last break up it’s like she literally doesn’t care about me anymore... we haven’t talked for about a month and I plan on not reaching out to her at all... is her mind set on dating this guy or is he just a rebound? Should I just move on?
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Whether her new relationship is a rebound or not, it is her life & her business. You are her EX & she's free to date whomever she pleases.

You should definitely move on. Find a new relationship with less drama
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