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Dumper broke no contact to like a photo of me and my new gf on Facebook

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Dumper broke no contact to like a photo of me and my new gf on Facebook

Hi guys,
Iam male from Czech, so I want to apologize for my bad english.
Some info about me:
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Status: have been in new relationship now for 3 months (New GF)
EX (dumper): 5 months of no contact (since 1st Ferbuary 2013), still have feelings for her; dont want her back. Probably no relationship after she dumped me.

Let me tell you my little story! Soooooo... Year ago I met a special girl (my ex, 24 years old) in uni. We became friends and then lovers. We had a relationship from the 1st June 2012 to 1 st Ferbuary 2013 (8 months). She was my first serious girlfriend. I wasnt so experienced, so sometimes I was quite nervous etc.. You know.. She was so special to me. The last 5 months of the relationship was the long distance rltshp (she went abroad to study) . Well I was a little bit naive bud I was confident about our relationship. When she was abroad we were in contact for like +- 10 hours a day. No bad signs at the start. She was quite into me in the beginning.

In October 2012 I visited her abroad for about week to spend the time with her. We had a really good time. All the cuddles, kisses and so on. She even did cry when we said goodbye to each other and I went back home. I told her I love her.. Huge mistake! She did never say it back..

In December 2012 she went back home for about 3 weeks to spent a Christmas and New year vacations there. She started being cold to me. She kept making excuses not to see me. You know she had to work hard on her exams in school. I was desperate - became a controlling and jealous jerk! Still determined to fight for her.

In mid January 2013 she went back to France to pass the exams. She didnt want to go there she admitted. So I find out there is no one else in her life. She admitted she likes me and look forward to meet up when shes back home.

At the end of January 2013 she finally got back home. I was happy. My love was home again and i thought that future will be ours. I was soooooo naive! Few days later we met up and she told me she doesnt want to be in relationship with me anymore. She was like "I like you very much but I wouldnīt work in the future"... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH She even said she doesnīt want to be friends. I said i love her.. I was not being needy or so... I just said it. She was so cold. So we broke up and I was really heart broken.

She really broke my heart bud I was determined not to contact her ever again. So its been 5 months of no contact.

April 2013
I met a really nice and pretty girl and started to go out with her. She is really into me. I like her very much bud donīt love her yet. It take some time to me to love anyone. Its different... She would do anything for me.. Thats great.

3rd July 2013
I posted photo of my new GF and me on my Facebook wall. Had no bad intensions.. You know.. I did it because I was just happy with the photo. And wanted to show my male friends the pretty girl in my embrace.
Afted a hour or so my PC beeped to sound a new notification. So i clicked on the red point to see...
Oh, my ex gf liked the photo of me and my new girlfriend. I was not very happy about that. She broke no contact after 5 months. I was like "omg, why did she do that?!" She never iniate any contact since february. Not in my birthday few days ago either.

I just wonder why did she do that?
Why would the dumper like a photo of dumpee and his/her new gf/bf?

Guys I would be so happy to see that she still cares about me... Not to get her back, there is no way back... Just to boost my ego a bit. I deserve it after the first post break up days of the "dark". Im not gonna contact her. EVER! Iam quite satisfied with my new life now. I obviously have some feelings for ex but not as strong as you think. Not gonna hurt the new GF. I just wonder why she is behaving like that. Thank you guys. I wouldnt let her to hurt me again. She is the past. Believe me....
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She's probably happy for you. She knew a relationship between the two of you wouldn't work so she's glad you found someone that you are happy with. Kudos to her for telling you the truth instead of stringing you along further. Kudos to you for moving forward with your life!
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Not to sound harsh, but she's probably not into you anymore. Your best move is to leave the past in the past. You don't need people like her in your life. She dumped you with a bull***** excuse. That right there, shows me she's been trying to break it off with you. She just finally built the courage up to tell you. Afterwards she felt guilty, leading her to no longer want a friendship with you out of guilt!.

- sorry about the English.
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she's happy for you. You are making big deal out of nothing. Block her if you don't want to interact with her anymore.
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Least she gave you closer, I'll be thankful.
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I'm not sure why she can see your Facebook page. You guys are not friends, I would of blocked her. You life is NONE of her business anymore. Most if not all folks after getting dumped block their ex. There's no reason to see what each other are doing anymore.
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