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Having a hard time understanding my ex...

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Having a hard time understanding my ex...

So let me catch you up to speed. my girlfriend(17) and I(18), just recently broke up about a weekago. We have been together over 2 and a half years. In the beginning our relationship was great. But after the one year mark, we did fight alotttt. about anything and everything. we went through fazes of fighting and on and off breaking up. but things got better. and here we are more then 2 and a half years later. things have been going a lot better then before. but yesterday my girlfriend broke up with me. i honestly didnt see it coming. well tonight we talked. she told me the main reasons. number one is that she is going to collage. its about 60 miles away. the second reason, is because i currently do not have a job. i admit sense i graduated i took a very lazy and procrastinated route. i have worked odd jobs. but I've never had, i guess what most would be considered a real job. ive mowed lawns, helped on farms, and things of that nature. just to get by in high school. i do find it hard to be motivated, i use to see a counselor because i had personal issues. anyway, my girlfriends main concern was that i would just keep her back from succeeding. with our talk the night after we broke up i told her that i love her and i understand her point of view and im not upset. we got along well on the phone. and she even told me she loves me. which took me by surprise, sense we are broken up. i really love her. im not the type of guy who goes out looking for relationships. ive only dated one other girl before her. so i really do feel that i love her. i realized this half way through the relationship because nothing not even fighting keep us apart. i also think she feels the same about me.

but now a few days have passed. as she stated before she said she wanted to still be friends. so every couple of days ill text her and ask her if she wants to talk, or grab a bite to eat. or go bowling, as friends. i make it clear im not trying to win her back. just get our friendship off to a good start. but im usually met with no reply. i mean i believed her when she said she wanted to be friends... but honestly shes coming off as not even wanting anything to do with me.

im not being to pushy. or bother some. so i do not understand why im met with no response. i would say something but im kind of worried ill get angry. or that she wont even care and still not respond.. i would love to be friends like she said. but its kinda hard when she acts likes this.
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