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Ex's rebound girl

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Ex's rebound girl

I am going on week 7 of NC with the ex bf. I happened to be at the same nightclub as the ex the other night because a famous DJ was spinning and all my friends were going. I knew the ex would be there because we like the same music but I didn't care. I made a point to look really HOT (wore a sexy white sweater dress with thigh high boots). I didn't run into the ex but saw him there and he was with a girl. I'm surprised that I wasn't sad or hurt at all because the new girl is not hot.

I know it sounds rather shallow but does anyone feel better when the ex has moved on but the guy/girl they moved on with is not as attractive?
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Originally Posted by Orchid8 View Post
I know it sounds rather shallow but does anyone feel better when the ex has moved on but the guy/girl they moved on with is not as attractive?
No. I feel sad. Then I start to pity them. Then I feel sad again.

That's why I don't think about it.
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First off, I love when girls wear that so nice choice on the ensemble. Second, that makes me feel so much better. Im not an insanely jealous guy, but definitely have my moments. Ive been in a similar position with the last girl I dated and had strong feelings for. Ive seen her out in a club a few times and whenever shes with less attractive guys it makes me sort of laugh and be fortunate Im not still with her. But its also backfired on me as she ignored me once for a much smaller, less attractive guy, and unfortunately I didnt control my temper and criticized her for it. It was only about a week after our "falling out" so the emotions were still high, but that still eats at me to this day. I apologized, but I think it made her lose a lot of respect for me thus hurting my chances to get her back. What gets me is when a girl tells me "I dont have time for a relationship because of work, school, etc" and then not only do you see them out as much as before, but they have moved on with someone else. Like they couldnt have just told me straight up they lost feelings for me or want to see other people. I have no patience for caddy people anymore.
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