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Her best friend says she hates me

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Old 21st January 2008, 8:57 PM   #1
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Her best friend says she hates me

Yeah maybe this could be just her friend being a jerk to me but i havent felt so low and hurt this bad since...ever. This week has been really bad for me, stupid dreams that were nightmares but were good if you know what i mean then i woke up kind of in shock all over again to realize she still doesnt talk to me she still doesnt want to be with me and as she said she still doesnt love me as much as i love her or doesnt love me period. Since she has blocked all forms of communication, changed number etc. i know nothing about her and what shes thinking if she was, is, or ever had thought about me or ANYTHING. Like i wish i could know if she met a guy or something maybe it'd give me a sense of urgency to get out of this prison where im in love alone. And since i dont really know much except she goes out with her girls to parties and drinks i know nothing else if guys are involved or if she just chills. My mind has this problem where i try SO HARD but i cant stop looking at all the angles and what if's trust me, i try so hard i ry for hours just pushing those thoughts out of my head. After a while it gets very frustrating and it creeps in my head. And then what is probably prolonging my misery is that since i know NOTHING, except now that she hates me, i find stupid reasons for hope or i see movies that have a similar situation and i picture it and i cant stop doing this. I dont know how to stop thinking about things like this. Even being out staying occupied my mind double tasks i can totally be needing to think about something else but there is still activity in my brain on her. I have completley run out of options it seems like. i hate loving a girl who used to love me
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you just gave yourself an answer.. "I hate loving a GIRL who doesn't love me." Well, my friend, heartache is a B%^&ch.. but you will hopefully learn a good lesson in this path. How long have you been with her? a short amount of time.. I assume... this to me seems too obsessive to be a true love.. more like an infatuation. It seems that you care about her.. but maybe you care more about the feeling you get when you are in love (lust)... If you honestly have no idea why she "hates" you then this is a sign that maybe she is not the one and very immature. If you actually do know why she hates you.. then chop it up to whatever that reason may be.. get on with it and hopefully stop obsessing over her.. and look for a real woman who doesn't communicate through her best friend (VERY IMMATURE)
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i was with her 2.5 years. I mean the only thing would me being stupid and contacting her just letting her know im having trouble and looking for a shoulder to lean on, i know i shouldnt look to her for that but she has been the only real friend i have had and well had basically. When that was taken away from me i didnt know what to do. Yeah maybe i annoy her but when i was wanting to end it she called me and bothered me too so if she hates me she hates me for the same things she did to me. I know i shoulnt email or anything but its just so hard when for the last 2 years and some we have done EVERYTHING together. We have caught each others tears every time. I guess i just dont understand how someone can stop caring all of a sudden and when she was breaking up with me she still said she missed me and sent me text messages saying she loves me. Im still in shock i guess. Everytime i make an effort to be friends or just maybe find some answers for my own sanity im shut down. She gave me 80 different reasons why she didnt want to be together. Saying she wasnt in love with me was one. I dont know why she made up 50 other excuses to break up with me not loving me like she did was good enough for me. And i just didnt belueve that because of how she talked to me and talked to others about me and what she told me and how we felt. I mean could a girl really just hate me for being upset and yes annoying her??? I mean if i did what she did yeah itd be annoying but i would know that she is having a rough time and its hard being in love alone. I wouldnt be mad or upset about it because when you lose someone that serious in your life its hard to recover.
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