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Standing up to best friend, who is also ex-boyfriend... how?

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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Originally Posted by geillis View Post

PS. Hired help is not an option on the table for him. Flat out refuses.
Tell him that his thoughts of you being an OPTION to clean his house is also off the table as well. Stay away from this man he has absolutely no respect for you.
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Originally Posted by geillis View Post
Yes, he has been a spoiled child in some ways since I've known him for 15+ years. And you don't say this directly but I can sense you know he has mother issues. And yes, I really need to learn to say no. I actually do say no to other things to him, but it's for things I know won't upset him and send him into an oversensitive angry behavior towards me. It's a little complicated, because while I know we are each responsible for our own lives, he just doesn't get that (or he gets its but like a child refuses to acknowledge it). Yes, I do need to say no, without doubt, I just need to know how to minimize fallout.
He has mother issues? He's a grown man, and he can't use that as an excuse! Grown ups who have issues get HELP! They do counseling and fix themselves.

You're not his maid. If he wants his house clean his options are: He helps you sort through his stuff and declutter, he cleans himself or hire a cleaning lady.

How bad is his depression?

Ex's are ex's for a reason. You love him but he doesn't seem like 'the one' for you. You can't fix him, only he can fix himself by getting professional help.
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