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i spent the evening with a homeless guy

Friendship Having issues with a friend? Get it off your chest!

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I Can relate

To all,

Although I have not been in the particular situation as each of you have described, I was reminded of a situation I was in several years ago. On a side note, I do have stories I could tell of times I was not particualry as smart as I should have been. Anyways, back to the relevant story here -->

Several years back, I was in a club with some friends. I happened to be back off the dance floor (as I am not much of a dancer). I happened to notice this group of guys at a table near where I was. They started acting funny and then I noticed one who appeared to drop something into one of the drinks on the table. Later, a female came by the table and started drinking this drink. A short time later, she was out of it. Conscious, but not really. At this point, several of the guys were trying to persuade this girl to leave with them. And of course, she consented. Now come the good stuff --> This is when myself and a couple of guys I was with intervened. I basically told them that the girl was going nowhere with them whether she consented or not. I explained to them that we could step outside and take care of it however needed, but that she was still going nowhere with them. There was some hostiltiy, but in the end, she was given a ride home by my crew. Guys like that need to have the living crap beat out of them and then be hung from a flagpole from thier "package." I am usually a fairly relaxed individual, but I will not tolerate that kind of garbage or disrepect of women. I just thought I would contribute. Seemed somewhat relevant, but in the opposite context.

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pregnant lurker
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Back to the original homeless guy reminds me that I did something similar with a similar result. A woman came up to me on the street mumbling politely about how she was a widow from the countryside (I'm not in the US, and there is poverty everywhere) and she was really struggling to make ends meet, and could I give her anything? She had a desperate and sad look about her.

I happened to be moving at the time, and had some clothing in a box that I didn't want. I invited her to my apartment to take it. I let the door ajar (it was a ground floor flat in the courtyard) and asked her to wait there while I went to get the stuff. She seemed pretty harmless, and I'd never seen her before on the streets so I figured she really was some poor lady who'd hit on hard times. I brought it to the front door. She pulled out each piece and examined whether or not it would fit. I gave her a bag to take what she wanted. knowing that there is rampant poverty in the countryside, I asked her if she'd like to take the rest of the clothes maybe for her neighbors. She said no. Whatever. She herself was obviously not into charity.

But then she looked in at my coat rack and said, "Can I have a coat too? You have so many....please?" I said no. Then she pointed to my shoes and asked for a pair of shoes. Again I said no. She started mumbling how I had so many, couldn't I just give her one pair? I really wanted her to leave at that point, but she asked if she could use my toilet. Oddly, she went in, left the door open (reassuring me, I suppose, that she wasn't up to any tricky stuff) and took a DUMP. LOL. I was really freaked out at that point.

She came back out and asked for a piece of paper, wrote her address down, and requested that I give mail her money each month. I was like, "ah, sure, whatever...I'm busy now, can you leave?"

Anyway, this was probably 2 years ago, and I see her all the time. She's just so non-descript and quiet that I guess I never noticed her before. She has no idea who I am, and approaches me with the same sad, desperate story. I felt really silly afterwards and kind of upset by the whole thing. I thought I was doing something to help someone, but in the end, wound up feeling kinda used. I give my donations now to known charities - and I do give money, time and used things - but not to folks on the street.
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