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A smear campaign against someone [at work. Help!]

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A smear campaign against someone [at work. Help!]

Dear all, I'm treading carefully because I am currently a contractor in my workplace but I need to urgently ask for some advice

Within our team there is a Narcissist, a girl who wears revealing clothes, is bullying and mouthy/ cries when she needs to, a drama queen and never does a scrap of work - she gets away with everything, she is being protected by a manager, everyone who has worked with her has ended up as a broken heap, having had to carry her while she swans around acting arrogant and conceited, she is vile in a word

Anyway...I have had the good fortune to have her as a team mate for the last five months and one manager from another team sympathised and was kind to me, he realised how much I covered, how I would always pick up the phone and answer for his team members asking how she was, how I would pick up cases and carry her

We work in the care industry so it is vital the work is done fast with a quick turnaround, she is about to move to an area where this is extremely important and he learnt of this and complained to a manager in front of me while praising my good work

The manager is clearly protecting her and tried to cover it right up, telling him not to go to the other Boss above him or to the higher ups, but just to tell him about it

He went to the Higher ups though because he told me, as it was unbelievable how this manager was covering for her trying to defend her

Fast forward about a week - now this girl, encouraged by the manager who was covering up for her, has complained about this gentleman to my Boss today

She told me about it and I didn't back her up - I saw the Boss too and said to him that he was frustrated because I've been fielding her calls and doing all the work, the Boss saw my view and agreed in the end that this girl could be difficult but he still thought this gentleman could be too

I am so furious that she said that this gentleman ought to take stress leave, just because he was trying to make her do the work ( I was not there to cover then, I was off over Christmas ) implying he had mental health issues

I feel really angry about this and I am tempted to whistleblow to my Boss about me being there when he spoke to the manger about it previously and the covering up - to me this is obviously these two trying to retaliate against him

My friend, who spoke up for me, does not know about this complaint and I've resisted telling him for fear it might stress him out too much

But very tempted to tell the Boss about what took place

What would you suggest I do? Do you think it'd jeopardise my job if I whistle blew

This manager covering up for her told me to go to him instead of the other Boss if I had any problems - but the nicer Boss told me to go to him

Now this creep is buttering me up, being nice and has requested me as a LinkedIn Friend

Incidentally as well after this man exposed this girl to the Higher Ups I received a phone call saying my job would shortly be made permanent from the above Boss

What a tangled web! I hope this is clear

My question is, do you think I should whistle blow as this is clearly retaliation and not fair for the man in question - or do you think it'd jeopardise my job or should I go to HR or tell the man

So many people know what this girl is like and they are sick of her, they all know somebody is covering up for her and helping her get away with everything

I am tempted to put a complaint in writing tomorrow

Thanks, so much DLD XXX

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You're in a pickle, and dirty tactics, attracts dirty tactics.

Up to you, so please remember this..

I would get some roses sent to her, on her desk, when she's away long enough, for the boss who covers for her, to see them.
Or place them where he can see them FIRST.
Place a card that says what a "GREAT" time they spent together, and that she needs to call him to pick up some of her cloths from his house.
Or something like it..
Once this guy reads that, she's toast.
Its a dirty trick yes, but the idiot boss, is the one when set the ground rules.

Never fails to spread a few rumors that she has a Young guy in her life..
Those rumors travel fast..
Yeah, I watched too much TV..

Apart from that, the only thing left is to fess up higher and get some action..
HR will then make an investigation, and find out what's been going on.
However, it may backfire, and then you have two people hot on your ass..

Good luck.

Never fear, Superchicken is here.
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IMO, Always stand for righteousness and truth.
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If your line manager isn't ensuring that fair play takes place in his department then you escalate and go to HR.

However, if you plan to do that you need to get all your ducks in a row and have a detailed record of time/place/what happened. So you need to start keeping a diary.

And don't pick up any slack for anyone, work to your contract and that's it.

Workplace politics/power struggles are a real pain

Good luck.
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A very similar situation ruined my long-running career. It is VERY hard to fight this situation. In my case, same method of operation, sucked up to higher-up couple of males who protected her. Didn't work. In fact, he'd tell me to givce her something to do and she'd lie and say I never did when the work wasn't done.

I ended up going to the owner of the company about it was very lucky because she had gotten complaints from a store she sometimes picked up a few hours ran by his nephew, so he knew she was trouble. So he told his VP and my immediate supervisor to always believe me (the tenured employee) over her, the new employee, but the VP soon looked for some other reason to fire me because it rubbed him the wrong way, getting his little suck up in trouble. So not long after I thought it was finally settled and she was gone, I was fired because Sony's computer order system was broke, basically. No, I didn't work for Sony, not yet anyway. They were a product provider. I was fired for a situation I had zero control over.

So I can assure you there isn't a good way to fight this type of person, not when they've got higherups wrapped around their finger. All that happened to me about 25 years ago and I recently found out from my then immediate supervisor's wife that that same woman came sucking up to him asking for money, having hit tearfully hard times and he gave it to her. The wife was unhappy, but she can't do anything with him just like I couldn't either because he likes to think he's this worthless user's hero or something.

If you are going to fight it, you're going to have to get down on her level. One thing I did trying to control her lying was have a witness nearby anytime I was told to give her some work so they could see I gave it to her and instructed her when it was due. By the way, she never completed a task that I can remember and I didn't want to give her anything, obviously, after that.

If I had to do it again, I'd drop a dime on the two guys who were protecting her to their wives or girlfriends and get them on the case. Anonymously, of course.
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