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Complicated bullying at work

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Complicated bullying at work

I would like to seek advice on what I should do regarding my situation as I am already at loss on what to do. I am an elementary school teacher and I've just started working on a school not far from the apartment I just moved into. The school was pretty great, including the management and my co-workers.

This all changed however, when I was assigned as a homeroom teacher to one of the classes in the school. The children were pretty active and noisy, but know how to respect their teachers.

Here is where it gets absurd. After getting to know the students one by one, there's this one student who isn't acting like how a little girl should be. By that, I mean she knows a lot of adult stuff that kids shouldn't even know. I am pretty sure her classmates don't even know what the words that are coming out of her mouth and of course, this caught me off guard. As her teacher, I told her those words were inappropriate to say and that she'll get in trouble if she keeps saying those. She only responded that "I am not the boss of her" and stayed quiet for the entire period.

When class was finally over, I was finishing my stuff and there she confronted me inside the classroom and asked if I'd really want to tell my co-workers of her behavior. I only then realized that she's right and that they wouldn't believe me since I couldn't even believe myself what I'm seeing right now.

However, I couldn't let this just slide so I proceeded to lecture her again and out of nowhere she sat on my lap and started rubbing herself to me. I immediately stood up, filled with disbelief. And as if it couldn't get any worse, she tried undressing a bit and asked me what would happen to me if she started screaming at that moment.

Basically I feel bullied... and by a little girl at that. She just told me "That's what I thought" after I just stood there in silence. As you can see, I can't really tell my co-workers and the management about this and the fact I am just new. It's ultimately unbelievable for a little girl to know such things and she can just feign ignorance and I'll be branded as a pedophile. Not only will I lose my job, but I will also be sent to jail. I didn't see this situation coming in to my life and I am already at loss on what to do in case she does those things again and I get caught. I've considered recording her way of speaking to me but I'm afraid if she notices it, I'll get screwed.

She's 8 years old but acts pretty mature for her age. I am not sure what to do anymore. I only thought of "getting on her good side" so she would stop doing those things but I am still unsure if that's the right thing to do. I need advice.

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You're a teacher, and therefore most likely a mandated reporter. If this is a true story, her behavior sends up huge red flags and you have a legal responsibility to report this to whomever you're supposed to....principal, guidance counselor, or CPS.
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You need to call child protective services and tell them she's exhibiting sexual behavior and also trying to intimidate you with it.

Write it down in a log, dates and times, not just that episode but what led up to it.
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Really?! You are a teacher and you do not know how to call child protective services?!???

This child quite obviously has been abused. Your job is to call the proper authorities and get her the help she desperately needs.... Not to get out witted and bullied by an 8 year old.
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