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Harassment at work

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Harassment at work

Started a job and itís been a month and I got sick and started coughing, I got my co workers sick too and 3 of co workers always says itís all your fault . What can I do about it, yea I got sick but itís out of my control . I guess it spread to them and they are coughing and once in while get the itís all your fault.
What do you guys think
Also get harassed at work like my trainer would joke around saying oh today your last day, get your box ready, those jokes and this was before I got sick too
Oh heíll make fun of your shirt saying itís for girls even though I got it from menís section, what can you do when heís got higher postion than you and your new. Heís not my manager but still

What witty comeback can i say back as heís always saying itís my fault for making him cough and heís always saying itís my fault regardless now too
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Well, sick people should stay home from work so it doesn't spread, but if you've only been there a month, it's a tough call!

As far as the other stuff.....that is not OK behavior! I don't even know what to tell you to do other than ignore it and go to HR if it gets too bad?? He sounds like a bully.
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First of all, at work, ask the boss what the policy is on missing work because of cold or illness. Then you'll know what to do. It is tough you only being on the job a month and probably still on probation. But I hate when people come to work sick, but even my boss does it.

About the comeback for the shirts, first, I guess you have to have the confidence to banter back to them. If you've ever seen Will and Grace on TV, Karen used to point at what they're wearing and move her finger around to indicate their whole outfit, and say something like "What's THAT about?" Maybe you just turn around on them once they do it to you and show that you're not crazy about how they dress either. "I see you wore your jammies to work" or "Who died?"

Sounds pretty bad that they're calling your manhood into question. Now, if a boss does something like that, ask for a clothing allowance in a joking way. "Glad to hear you're up for giving me a clothing allowance. Just be sure it's enough to for wherever it is you want me to shop." But if you feel it's serious coming from your boss, he should be telling you what the dress code is. Then you follow it.
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