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Sudden weight gain and about it

Physical Fitness, Health & Weight Management Staying fit and physically healthy is essential! Remember, we aren't subsitutes for your physician! As always, talk to your doctor before following any suggestions or advice!

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Originally Posted by KBob View Post
If you work out hard for 45 minutes you're going to be too sore the next day to repeat the same workout. If you're looking to burn fat, do low intensity workouts like power walking or aerobics, they get you to the heart rate that is optimal for fat burning, and you'll be able to them for longer since they're low intensity. Heavy, intense cardio will elevate your heart rate to levels where your body starts burning carbohydrates for fuel.
Totally agree, even just 15 minutes of intense exercise from zero exercise you would be too sore to repeat it the following day, along with that I agree too with low intensity regular exercise being best for fat loss - but that would be a life changing thing - you only appear to want to lose weight fast, not maintain it OP.
The first couple of weeks will be water loss, not weight loss.

Beware of milk if you have any intolerance to it - you could find that over a couple of weeks of drinking milk that your stomach is bloated and bigger than it is now. Intolerance can cause symptoms immediately or over a week or several weeks.
Plus drinking milk can be a very (far too) easy way to put weight on over the course of a couple of weeks even if sticking with 1& milk.

You don't need to go all clean/raw to lose some weight over two weeks either - definitely not if you are looking to just lose 8-10lbs and have been eating very unhealthily consistently.
Plus you can't just lose belly fat - you do know this? Fat is all over our bodies.

You say this weight gain is sudden - does your belly feel actually fat or is it some fat on top of a very hard feeling - literally prod and poke around to find out. Your colon may be bloated to a degree where it feels like it's all fat but actually isn't.
You may have or may have acquired a food intolerance and this could be the result of that.
Hit your stomach with the palm of your hand - if it sounds hollow - you're bloated/distended.

What have you been eating recently? Pertinent since prior to a couple of weeks before your sudden weight gain?
Also, is it actually a weight gain or is it an increase in size?
There's a difference.

A distended stomach could be a sign of something else entirely though.
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