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Is he gonna come back, I want him back so badly, miss him!!!!!!!!!!!

Abuse Support for and discussion of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse.

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Unhappy Is he gonna come back, I want him back so badly, miss him!!!!!!!!!!!

Accidently post on the reply and meant it for my thread. Here is what I posted:
He broke up with me on April 4th and since then has not called me. I did called him on three occasions last wekk very drunk I don't even know what I was saying exactly. I told him it would be different, he just say '' You're drunk again" and hang up. Now I'm not really an alcoholic, I only would drink twice a year (hardly anything), but ever since he left me, I been going so crazy. Ok, I stopped drinking, yes do relaize I have a problem, last week I was in a friend's house and with my other friends too. And well I got mad at one of her neighbors and throw the bottle of wine at their window, smashing it all to pieces. Yes, I still have to pay for the damage, it could have injure someone, man, what on earth was I thinking.

I just called him yesterday, I told him I would get help, do like anything, if he just give me one last chance and he's say he doesn't know. Missing him, want him back so badly. That day was the third I went on him again causing a nose bleed, not that I meant to, got so frustrated. Lots of things on my mind, failing two math classes, forgetting to pay a bill, one of my relatives getting ill, but on top of that, I keep my that bastard of my old man and those mean words. Ok so I was never actually physical abuse, no one ever lay a hand on me, but his words over the years kill me, so did that horrible stare and getting isolated in a room whenever he felt I did nothing right, or humiliation in front of friends. I hate him so badly if I saw my old man again, I would struck him. Plrease helllllppppp ayone, want himback, he's special, my love, if he could have give it one last try, I promise it'll be different this time.
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Dont CAll Him No Matter How drunk u get

Dont call him do not call him trust me if he loves you he will come back nothing will keep him away from you. If you can control yourself a little even though its not ur fault. He will be up your u know what. In this caseyou need to be evil. Cuz him leaving u is evil when u love some1 u love them 100% but if they dont want you u dont Stalk them remember like DMX says "if you luv something u let it go" u know the rest he also says "if there is conflict then it destroys the Love" But remember nothing can break true love and true love is meant to be. So if he comes back hes yours, but only if he stays..Best Wishes...

Remember I myself have a broken he

Love is not a Maybe thing when u Luv some1 u know
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