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Is this worth pursuing? Should I hang on?

Second Chances Called it off but doubting the decision now? Someone wants you back? Let us know about it!

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Is this worth pursuing? Should I hang on?

He started asking me out again. We see each other at least twice a week. He picked me up the other day. And yesterday, I told him that I will stop by his place and would like to hang out. He asked me first if Iím bringing food on the phone, hesitates that I might stay longer. I said no I'm not cooking at your place.

So I went to his place for the 3rd time. He greeted me warmly, voluntarily kissed me on the lips without hesitation. We enjoyed dinner and seemed to be in good spirits. We stayed in his room, but hesitant to be intimate. He wanted to take a walk and suggested to watch TV at my place. He obviously doesnít want me hanging around his apartment. Just a weird thingÖ.since Iím not there every day. I know that he is reviewing for his licensee exams, and this meant a lot for him, success at work and recognition. He is going through rough time at work and threats of lay off and pending exams. I'm sure there is a lot in his mind right now.

We ended talking about how awkward it is to be intimate with his roommate around the house. I told him why would that matter and he said he just wants to be amicable and not to be obtrusive with his roommateís space. I told him that Iím not taking her space and he is paying more than her.
I confronted him and asked him if he likes her and wants to date her and wouldnít want her to know that Iím around. He said no and itís okay if Iím around. He said "she got the idea". I'm not sure if he just doesnít want me to be there because he canít concentrate on his review.

Or before we were back together, it could be that he flirted with his room mate at one point and told her that he is single and he is now feeling awkward because she knows that he is with me and seeing me. Although, I met her already and doesn't seem to be anything between them. (Or at least with her)

So we were okay and then fooled around. He was okay and made me hot cocoa, gave me a hug then I took a nap. Then, he was making some weird noises with his books and calculator So I asked him if he is upset or if he is okay. But he sort of made me feel uncomfortable and he seems to need his space. He said something like it feels like we are going out again. huh? I was baffled...

So I asked him, whatever he is worried about, I know that we didnt get a long in the past but now I fully support him. (he wasn't able to review and pass the exam last year when we were living together -for 4 years)

I explained to him that I understand and would like to support him. I told him that I know that we had a difficult time. He seems to be feeling a bit better and positive about what I've said and grabbed my hand.

I told him that when he was studying that time and he was sick as well, pressured with his previous job without support from friends or parents. So, I fully understand and would like to help him out and see him succeed. He was responsive and agreed to what I said.

I told him that I care about him and wanted him to succeed. I asked him if he cares about me, he hesitated and said didnít I show that I cared. And he said that he cares about me. And all I said was thatís great thank you. Itís nice to knowÖhe seems to be feeling me and even walked me to my car and concern about my flat tire. He kissed me on the lips without hesitation.
I left feeling this relationship worth pursuing. For anyone, out there I need to make sense of what is going on with my life. I will be grateful to anyone who can help.
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