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Who's most at-fault among these 3 people - your best judgement about this situation

Breaks and Breaking Up It happens to most everyone at some point in life! Share your experiences!

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Who's most at-fault among these 3 people - your best judgement about this situation

Let's say there's a person 'A' in exclusive romantic relationship with person 'B' for many years.

Meanwhile 'A' gets to know a person named 'C' (they are of opposite sex) and soon they become best friends.

'B' is not comfortable with the close friendship between 'A' and 'C' but tries to be understanding and hence asks 'A' that he/she wants to meet 'C' - to get to know him/her better. But 'A' deines and says it'll be awkward and that 'C' won't like it. Even 'C' denies meeting 'B' and says he/she doesn't feel comfortable with the idea.

'A' always seems to be spending more time with 'C' as compared to 'B'. This creates a downward spiral in relationship between 'A' and 'B' and lots of other issues. 'A' and 'B's relationship becomes toxic over time. 'A' brings up the fact that he/she's not comfortable with their friendship many times over a period of time but 'B' always reassures 'A' that it is only platonic and nothing more. Somehow they remain committed to each other.

Finally one day (after about a year) 'A' and 'C' fall in love with each other. Both 'A' and 'C' express their love for each other verbally (nothing physical) after realizing that they both are deeply in love with each other. 'B' is still unaware of this fact at this point.

A few days later 'A' decides to reveal this to 'B' - though nothing physical happened between A and C till this point. Finally, 'A' and 'C' get into exclusive romantic relationship with each other.

Is it normal for 'A' and 'C' to fall in love with each other? Is it cheating? Is anyone faulty here at all? What's your best judgement about this situation?
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A & C had what this board calls an emotional affair before they had a physical one.

The minute A told the alleged exclusive partner B, that B couldn't meet C because it would "be awkward" the die was cast. Opposite sex friendships that exclude the primary SO are toxic & lethal to the romance.

A is a cheater.
C is a homewrecker
B is a doormat
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B should’ve listened to his/her instincts, A should’ve been more forthcoming - which rarely happens, and C was just testing the waters but probably shouldn’t have been. However, there’s no telling what A said to C so it’s hard to say.

Not a terrible amount of fault here except that A was obviously on the fence about B and C m, didn’t want to be rash and cut B loose, but eventually made a decision. No cheating, which was good. Hurtful for B but at least A had enough respect not to physically cheat. Was spending time with C a form of cheating. Yes.

If you’re wanting to point the finger at one person, it would be A, in my opinion, because he/she had the most knowledge about all sides of the situation. But pointing fingers in this situation is futile. If I were B, I’d wish them well, mourn my loss, and move on.
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Old 7th March 2018, 12:55 PM   #4
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Yes, it's cheating and A is most at fault.
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We have a saying in my language: with ifs, you can put the world to rights.

B is now free to find a better suited partner, and A and C are welcome to each other!
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