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An Armed Society is a Polite Society



I was thinking intensely about this comment and decided it was a good idea for everyone. Imagine arming everyone, no matter what age, with a handgun that shot arrows with rubber suction cups on them.


Everytime someone irritated you, you could shoot them anywhere you wanted.


I would like to challenge members to the visualization of a society like this. We would have people that looked like porcupines, possibly in strange places.



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Don't you feel it would be a good idea? Are they moral or societal issues that concern you?

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I don't know about moral or societal issues. I'm more concerned with the you-can-put-someone's-eye-with-that-thing issue.


Also, I think there should be an age limit on it. No one under 30. They just don't have much self-control usually. And no one over maybe 75. Their aim is too unstable and they'd put people's eyes out for sure.


Other than that, I have no problem with it.:laugh:

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I think it is a good idea short term. I like Touche's view, granted at 75, driving while shooting will give them more points due to randomness!


Arm while driving in Sunday rush hour? I think you might have a good idea on solving the US' social security issue... :D

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Arm everyone- and teach 'em young.

That's what we always say in Canada...


We hide in snow banks with our 6 packs waiting for unsuspecting americans to cross the border and then we pick them off with our mountie rifles.


It's a bit of a secret that we do this. If you recieve no further posts from me it's because the Canadian secret police have me in custody in an igloo penetentiary for being a traitor.


If the US handled the Mexico border in the same way- you'd have a higher minimum wage and your dollar would be stronger.

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I see more pertinent points being put forth by members. I'm truly impressed by some of the real thought put into comments. :lmao:


Yes, we're all armed in Canada. We're armed with pea-shooters because we're all tougher than Chuck Norris. No body armour or flak jackets for us. We catch bullets between our teeth starting at age 2. By the time we hit age 18, bullets just bounce off of our chests.


We are that tough.

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You women are just "loonie." :)


No wonder you Canadian women are so "hard" on us guys, bullets bouncing off your chests.


I still love you LS women! LOL :laugh::bunny:

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Are we hard on you or....


I would love to be able to use stick-on shooters. Walking down the street could become a meaningful experience. See a retard, peg one as you're going. Some guy staring too much, pop one in each eye, being careful to not harm his eyes of course, considering Touche's valid concerns.

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I highly recommend the Rambo style. One belt looped over each shoulder, one belt around the waist. Don't forget that you can incorporate sleeves all down the side of your pants and carry a back pack loaded with them. This is solely for a short walk situation.


If you're in the car, make certain the passenger seat is unoccupied. The seat and the floor are great for housing bag after bag of ammo.

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For short walks... yes, yes. Could we get these fully automatic in a higher caliber?

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Fully automatic, high caliber, rapid-fire, scatter gun, are all legal and encouraged.

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Water ballons for that splash! Good safe fun as a warning shot.


Use the REAL thing for those peesky corners and streets with high crime and drugs.

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Water balloons with ice cold water, instead of real bombs. An excellent suggestion.


But...but...what fun is it to simply sit back and laugh? Don't you want the opportunity to stick a suction cup arrow onto their kisser or the end of their nose?

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Ok... let's require some specific equipment!


Everyone has to wear some type of eye protection. The pea shooters will actually be very small, low impact paint ball guns.


Make it a law, that if you are a big enough jerk to draw three or more impacts to your person, you must return home and stay there for twenty four hours.


After the required penalty is served, the offensive persons may ruturn to their regular schedules, and hopefully alter their behavior in such a way as to aviod the same response from those who previously shot them.


The paint balls used in these, Social Infraction Identification Devices, would be limited per person, on a monthly basis to discourage indiscriminate usage.


Failure to comply with the required twenty four hour penalty period would cost the offender.......hmmmm..... let's say... a vacation day, or a days pay, and of course the originally required down time.


This would replace our existing tax system as the revenue would be astronomical!


Of course this wouldn't stop people from being jerks, but it would give a person an incentive to think twice before being rude.


What do you think? Plausible?

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Hi. The only person I'd like to hit with this is the mail lady when she brings me bills maybe but I'm not sure which day she brings them. I'd like to be able to shoot them through the phone and hit those annoying people who call me and tell me that I've called them about refinancing my mortgage. Totally bogus.


I'd like to be able to shoot bad drivers with them and get them off the road. That could be fun. Or kids who kick sand on me when they run too close to me on the beach. Could they be filled with poison? And knock them out for a while? I think I could like those.

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but what about those people who dont fear death , i think the terrorists will go on a rampage , but than this kind of society will neautralize it also

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Gallagher did a comedy bit loosely based on this. Anytime I driver did something stupid you could shoot their car with a yellow flag on the end of a dart. Then the police could just go around and ticket those cars that are covered with yellow flags.

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