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Classic Rant via Journal



Sooner or later my journal cherry was bound to be popped.


You see it everywhere, but it seems so common here.


Certain people on LS seem to come on here to do nothing more then to brag about themselves and whether or not what they say is actually true will always remain skeptical, but some of those individuals you can easily tell if they are being honest or not.


Its my belief that if you are truly confident about yourself, then you don't need to constantly boast about yourself and/or your life.


Thoughts and comments if you'd like.


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Guess I'm not being honest... :) It is true that honest and confidence is sexy. Saw a bunch of friends at a party and it was fun.

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Gosh, Rid, my life is pretty good so I hope I don't come off as boastful. I mean I have no claim to fame, such as being the HWA or anything. In all honesty, my legs aren't even all that "drop dead.";) (I know you weren't speaking to me, sweetie.)

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I am referring to those who boast about the same thing(s) everytime that they are on here. Of course that doesn't apply to you. I have never seen your legs, so I can't make a judgement.:bunny:

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Mustang Sally


I find it tiresome (to say the least), as well.

If there is one thing that consistently irks me, it's boasting. :mad:


What do you suggest can be done to remedy this situation, Riddler?

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Ignore them and their comments and they will eventually go away, but unfortunately many do not ignore them and that just keeps the BS going.

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Mustang Sally


Well, that's just it.

Many (some that have surprised me, actually) seem to enjoy - heck, even encourage and support - the boasting and the boasting ones.


Eh, well.

Whatever, right?


"What, me worry?"

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Yes Mustang I wish it would go away but what can you do?


What do you mean B4R? This is my journal entry.

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I totally didn't make the connection as to who you were, and wondered why your, um, alter ego, hadn't been posting in a while.


I guess I am blonde after all...hehehe

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I knew you were someone else, but never figured it out until now. Duh!


I do agree with your rant. Personal validation is okay once in awhile but every single thread a member posts, can get totally irritating. :mad:

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Wow, it took you this long? I am in shock. I thought you would of had it figured it out weeks ago, but you are catching what I am throwing at you.;)

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I smell what yer steppin in PyRid. I've caught myself getting irritated and responding before. You're right, just don't respond.

And you may be a man of few words, but they're always well chosen.

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Thank you kind sir, but you are just one. We need everyone to stop and that will eventually stop. Oh well, its always nice to wish and hope.

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Lunar Sonata


I know you were talking about me and only me. In that case, I won't post anymore. Happy now?


Can you really blame a guy for boasting to hide the shame of not being able to grow a moustache in his mid 20's? Huh? Can ya? :p

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Lunar Sonata

Posted (edited)

After reading a few threads, I wholly agree with Pyro. Some new threads have a ridiculous "attention whore" formula something along the lines of:


Hey I'm a {ridiculously high/low}-year old Male who is a {seven figure occupation}. Women love confidence, that's why I drive a {Spinnazmobile} and live in {skyrise condo/luxurious basement}. Here's my question. Why can't I attract a {hot/tight/breathing} girl who is {my mother}?


I wouldn't feel bad for ripping on this guy if he didn't add something like:


Let me also point out that I have had {debilitating disease/attwhoredom} for {age/2} years. Please be nice as I'm typing this with my {robotic hand/nostril hairs}.


Gah! :(

Edited by Lunar Sonata
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Thanks for the laugh LS.:laugh:


Its not just new threads/members. Its also a few of the more older members as well.


This place is generally to help others and I can't stand those who come on here to boast about things that supposedly happened to them.

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Mustang Sally


Well, Fiddle-Dee-Dee!


In my hiatus, I missed this most riotious post of Lunar's!


Thank you, Lunar, for that hilarity. Much needed today. :)


Pyro...the monster continues to feed/be fed.... :eek:


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Mustang Sally


You know, I have to tell you.

In the last many months, I have "grown up" and gotten over myself quite a bit with my approach to LS and internet "societies," in general.


What I have noticed, after taking many steps back (into my REAL life) is that there is really an astounding amount of hypocrisy out there...and frequently the ones who doth denounce it the most are the worst offenders! :eek: Imagine that....:rolleyes:

Amazing that at my age, it took me this long to realize that. :o


Anyway, maybe we could work on some way to turn BS into an alternative fuel source?

Just a thought....




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I wasn't aware that you had any growing up to do. You seemed fine to me.


Hypocrisy and selfishness sure does run rampant in todays age and you hear about it alot on here.


That last part has to be one of the best ideas that I have ever heard. We would never run out if that was the case.:laugh:

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Wow, I didn't know you were Rid!! :o


Been a really long time I guess.





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