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Can't date using apps or sites

In Search Of... Having a hard time forming friendships or finding companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

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Old 8th March 2018, 10:31 AM   #1
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Can't date using apps or sites

I am having an issue NOW, at 40+ years of age.. even tho I had no probs from 19-33 on AOL, myspace, and random forums using that dorky vBulletin lookin thing. Sorta like this one

I'm just against these apps and sites. To me, finding a girl on there would not feel "rewarding". It would feel like I went on Amazon and got that exact TV I wanted.

And, here's the part some may think is "dumb", but that I tend to ... compare? Compete? And, yes.. I know, it's not good, but I do that. I got reasons too... I'm from LA, and it has to do with : Race, culture, society, and JUSTICE.

(It's actually totally unrelated to this issue here)

This, is more about the actual website or dating app itself. I'm highly against them. I want to meet the site owners and kick their butts in an alley. (I'm not kidding. I swear that 'Marcus' guy on POF is some perv who just wanted to hook up with all those young hot girls for himself) (I once msg's a girl I dated who we had 'some personal issues' going on, and she must of msg'd him and my account got blocked) (He will always take the side of the 'cute girl' who messages him, and turn an 'innocent' guy into a mad stalker)

(Sorry, I don't know him at all. If I misjudge him, apology. It just seems that way tho)

But then, I'm sorta that 'type X' person who has math/sciene intellegence (a braniac) so I get it. Those sites are sorta for the Friday night clubbers. I used to roll with that, so I know the rules.

But, still, there are these other 'cleaner' sites. More 'morally in line'. That cater to the woman, in finding a man who respects and blah blah blah....

Me, personally, I AM all for that. (True respect, humanity, etc). Yet, I operate in the gutters. Because, those gutters are REAL. Not the "TV I want off".

But today, it's over. Gone, are those "Diamonds that were thrown away into the gutters". Now, the diamonds are on "The proper channel where they belong. E-harmony".

And I don't want to go to E-harmony. Again, it's the "TV I want, on Amazon. Just pop in my credit card. Shipping address. There you go".

Is it just me?

Am I the "wrong" one here?

Please someone, tell me... that, I am not crazy. That, THIS is what the REAL NEWS should be. Since everyone is talking so much about 'fake news' these days.

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Old 8th March 2018, 10:39 AM   #2
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I hated OLD. It just wasn't for me. Then again I can't really shop on line either, although I'm getting better.

If you don't like OLD, don't use it. LA is a big city with lots of in person activities. Get out there. Meet people in real life.
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Old 8th March 2018, 11:08 AM   #3
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I'm with "d0nnivan".

I tried OLD for a brief period and hated it. I'm an older guy, as well (52)... One of the things that really bugged me about OLD was the question about my income. I don't know if this is still a question on OLD or not, but I left it blank. A lot of women rejected me/my profile for this reason (and told me so, when I sent an inquiry/first contact).

Personally, my income was nobody's business, and I didn't want to publish it on a public site. Moreover, a stated income does not provide a true financial picture of that individual, anyway. A personal balance sheet will show assets vs. debt, which (IMO) is a better gauge of whether this person is responsible with their money or not.

Personally, I like being in the real world, talking to real people and meeting real women. I feel like I can tell, fairly quickly, if a woman is into me or not.

As far as shopping on-line, Yes... I do a fair amount of it. I live in a rural area and its cheaper to have items shipped in, then to drive into town to get them. I can locate hard to find items, as well. I've also found items are cheaper, as on-line vendors have less overhead. They can sell at a lower price and still make a profit.
All of my posts are my opinion based on my own experiences. Feel Free to disagree with me, this rodent has thick skin.
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Old 11th March 2018, 7:02 AM   #4
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Hey , l read that marcus guy sold pof a few years back for 500 million, forget who bought it,
So he was actually one smart dude in the end.

But yeah , l hated OLD too but tbh , l was pretty surprised at the women l met , really they were quite nice it wasn't that. Although they were but a few the rest was total madness garbage.

But if l lived in a city like yours God knows why anyone would wanna even look at OLD. Only reason l did was bc l was living in a shythole.
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