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Back after a Long Time

In Search Of... Having a hard time forming friendships or finding companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

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Back after a Long Time

I guess here is my main question: Girls, I wanted to understand what it means to you to share your life with someone in a relationship and what intrinsic value does it bring to you?

And here is some background info...

Admittedly, I donít really have a deep, close relationship with those around me, especially my family. My friends will admit I probably will keep to myself a little too much and encourage me to be a little more open with myself and those around me. I think maybe my high-functioning autism plays a part in this. See, I donít have very high emotional intelligence and Iím not very intuitive or instinctual to understand the emotional context or feelings behind a situation or how someoneís feeling; at least it would take a lot of breaking it down in my head before I can process and reason feelings into words or thoughts. My way of de-stressing is to just daydream and keep to myself and find comfort in my own little world. I guess Iíve never understood intrinsically what it meant to someone, especially females, to share your life with someone as opposed to being in your own little world. I guess I wanted to ask you ladies how does it feel different sharing your life with someone as opposed to just keeping to yourself in your own little world? I always worry whether a woman will not find my love genuine or will step out on me because I donít know how to always show emotional support or understanding. I guess I always wondered how does it feel when you share your life with a guy, but he wonít share his life with you or open up his world and thoughts to you? Would you think a guyís love is less genuine if maybe he did care for you deep down inside, but didnít have the emotional understanding or intelligence to always properly show it through his actions and words because heís still trying to adjust to the process of including someone in his life when heís used to keeping to himself?
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You could get with another introvert. An extreme introvert might even be ideal for you. That way, no one is going to be hurt because you'll both be in your own world.

I prefer introverted men by far, but I have never been with an extreme introverted one. They usually want to spend a lot of time with me but need a little time alone (as do I).

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