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The Social Dynamics of Love and Friendships

In Search Of... Having a hard time forming friendships or finding companions, lovers, or associates? Is someone pursuing an unwelcome relationship with you? Talk about your experiences here.

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The Social Dynamics of Love and Friendships

I was just thinking to myself about the Social Dynamics of my love/friendship life.

For some reason its like my friendships are a lot more in abundance than my love life. Like I would give my friendships an A+. My Love life I don't know. I guess a D+/C-. Nothing that anyone would want.

I look at myself. I am 5'9/Canadian/Black/ Shaved head and clean cut. Straight white teeth. Dress well. Like a Dress T-shirt/Blazer and Jeans and dress shoes. Or Rock T shirt/ Maroon leather jacket and jeans. No baseball cap. No Thug life look. Don't really swear or drink/smoke/No Drugs. I can basically talk about anything. I have no Bio Kids or have ever been married.
My last GF was in 2012. My last official Date was 2015. My last romantic atempt was August of 2017. The woman was married so all I did was verify that with a lunch. Its not like I am Mr. Quiet. Or Mr. Loud as well. If I evaluated my face and physical look its more on the Cute side. People think I am younger than my 46 age. I get 34 a lot.

I am fit and trying to be more fit. I have a stable Job at the Hospital which is a 20 minute bus ride. I have a Condo.

Now for some reason. I and some of my male friends have a problem meeting suitable women to just even date. Friendship is no problem for us. Or even between us.

Contrast to my parents and their friends who all met in the late 60's. Got married and remained with their spouse for the most part. I don't get why in todays society its that hard to romantically connect today. With all the Social outlets. I don't stay at home all the time. I am mostly at Music venues on a weekly basis. I talk to people as well. I just don't push it as much.

I never talk about bad stuff in my life at least 90% of the time.

Bottom line. What do you think of your current social dynamics of your life at the moment. In Friendship and Love.
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