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Is he going to propose?

Getting Married Cold feet to pre-marital stressors--the place to discuss all the issues that come with saying "I do."

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Is he going to propose?

Okay so me and my boyfriend have been together almost 2 years we’re actually coming up on our anniversary in 17 days and we’ll be spending the weekend at Disney.

We’ve talked about marriage before and it’s something we want but here recently he’s been talking about what I want as wedding and marriage wise and he’s double checked on my ring size 3 times. The thing that really sets me off is a few days ago we went out with some friends my 2 Bestfriend’s (1 a guy the other a girl) and her boyfriend and while we were out we went to the mall and while we were in Jcpennys I noticed they had the enchanted Disney collection they in fact had my favorite ring (which has been very difficult to find if i might add) Well of course everyone comes looking and what not.

I walk off and then my friends bf come my way and ask me to help him pick out something for my friend I proceed to do so when we’re done i try to walk back over where everyone was (the jewelry department) but he proceeded to keep my distracted. When we finally all met up my guy Bestfriend had 2 bags from the jewelry counter 1 had 2 not so pricey watches (one for him and one for his girl) and the other had a ring that he apparently had also bought for his gf (pls note him and his girlfriend had only been together a couple weeks and this was a $600 ring) when i asked to see it he refused and made a reason why which to me was odd cause we share everything. After that everyone started acting all scrective through out the whole day.

When we left we went right back through jcpennys where my bf took me by the ring case and proceeded to point out the wrong ring (pls note he knows the exact ring i love And want). When we took everyone home I found the paper box the ring came in on the truck floorboard my boyfriend said he must of forgot it or something (my Bestfriend) when he switched the boxes while I was telling my other friends goodbye. My bf told me they had given him a nicer box to use.

Now when their together they exchange looks and little secrets. When I asked what they were hiding they tell me nothing, I go to Disney in 17 days my boyfriend knows that’s the place Where I wanna get engaged. Do you think maybe he’s gonna ask me?

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Maybe. But don't assume you know where and when and how. I wouldn't think they would have taken you with then to buy your ring, though. I would think he'd have noted what you liked on a prior trip and then went over there alone and bought it -- because friends can't be expected to keep secrets either, so it would be risky to let them know. He might have simply bought you something else for your BD at that store. But anyway, good luck.
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It's possible. But don't get your hopes up. I know that is hard but I don't want you to be disappointed if it doesn't happen. I know some guys, like my husband would set all that up, then not propose so I was "surprised." Your BF may also be saving it for Christmas or something. Be optimistic; make sure your hair & make up are always done for the photos but don't go overboard.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for you.
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