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Is she interested?

Friends and Lovers Progressing into "Friends with benefits" and beyond: When platonic relationships become more intimate.

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Old 28th December 2017, 5:59 AM   #1
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Is she interested?

I recently got to know a teammate better on a team trip and now I'm wondering if shes interested.

She's asked me why I'm single during the trip. And after the trip, she texted me out of the blue (we dont usually text) to ask if i was actually interested in her room-mate, and that if i was, she could wingman for me. She also sent me pictures and told me about this trip she had recently, and that i could join her on her next trip if i wanted.

But we have this weird dynamic where we don't talk to each other much unless its 1 to 1, so during training we'll talk to other people and not to each other, but when we do talk, we'll leave the rest of the team out of our convos. There's also this other guy on the team that she seems to have good chemistry with and thinks he's funny (and he is).

Not really sure why I'm posting this, guess i just need an outlet to think since I've stopped sharing about my r/s interests with my friends. Any insights would be great!
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Old 28th December 2017, 1:10 PM   #2
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Well it seems like she likes you and hopes you don't like someone else.... or she really wants to set you up with someone else and you are in the friendzone.
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Old 28th December 2017, 1:17 PM   #3
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Why did she think you might be interested in her room-mate?

If I were interested in a man I would never suggest to be his wing-man so he can seduce another woman BUT in my younger years I remember not being interested in guys TILL I learn they were interested in me, then I started being interested in them.

When she asked if you were interested in her room-mate you should have said you were interested more into her.
'' The Biggest Coward Is A Man Who Awakens A Woman's Love With No Intention Of Loving Her '' - Bob Marley
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Old 28th December 2017, 1:20 PM   #4
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Ask her on a date and you'll have your answer, presuming you find her attractive and have no qualms about dating a fellow employee. Quickest and easiest way to determine interest.

More generally, women do that 'personal' stuff as part and parcel of networking and gaining support and validation, creating an environment where you feel interested around them. It's an early life skill for most. If you're deemed a safe male, you'll get various behaviors sometimes also seen with males they mate with. Don't confuse this with desire to mate with you

Good luck!
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Old 28th December 2017, 1:38 PM   #5
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Sounds like regular workplace dynamics to me. My coworkers are like this all the time. I even have a coworker of the opposite sex where when we talk, we are in our own conversation too. She probably texted you after she learned why you were single and wants to hook you up. My coworkers tried to do this to me before...until I told them my standards. lol

You should not assume anything, really, and if you like her, you should just ask her out.
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Sounds like she's trying to set you up with her girlfriend, not herself. You missed an opportunity there to tell her boldly: Your girlfriend?? I'd rather go out with you.
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