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Im in love with my girl vey best friend..and im a girl

Friends and Lovers Progressing into "Friends with benefits" and beyond: When platonic relationships become more intimate.

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Old 6th June 2009, 8:03 PM   #1
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Unhappy Im in love with my girl vey best friend..and im a girl

ok so this is the first time iv ever admitted it... im completely in love with my best friend... and i cant control my feelings i wish i could because this is causing me more pain than anything iv ever gone through
iv never felt like this before she is THE most important person in my life she means everything to me i just want to be near her all the time even the smell of her makes me smile.. iv tried to convince my self its not being in love but i know im just kidding myself.. i cant ever admit to it she is my closest friend the best friend iv ever had and she has no idea whatsoever..
the worst thing about all this is that a few weeks ago she did something so out of character for her she ditched me for another friend and i got mad at her.. TOO mad at her.. i was used to her having my back and the type of relationship we had we were just always there for each other and we both understood that...
well the fight escaladed and went on for a month the worst month of my life i cried every day after school and drove her away by getting upset at her but i couldnt understand what was happening why se couldnt forgive me for gettin mad at her that one time.. anyway we got back to being normal but now shes gone away for the whole summer..
and she treats this other friend like she used to treat me i feel as if iv been replaced... and i just think my heart is breaking i dont know how else to describe it..
i always thought she loved me aswel deep down i saw the signs in everything wed do together and we were so close always together and touching in some way and if we slept in the same bed wed wake up realy close to each others faces... but now i dont know wat to think if shes realy able to replace me with this other friend i dont know wat im going to do or wat to think of her anymore as a friend... but il stil always love her i know that..
right now shes gone but we email each other and its like wer the same as before but i cant be sure til i see her in person in 3 months.. she also emails that other friend which she would have never done before we had that fight.. they really bonded over it cos that friend took her side..
sorry i just coudln't stop writing thats the short version believe it or not.. i would give anything to have what we had back like before i just love her so much i cant stand her not being the same.. it makes me confused
please any advice would be much appreciated im at the end of my tether i cant cope anymore..
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Live for something or die for nothing. Life is too short to be hiding all the time. Stop living a lie and tell her how you feel. Nothing beats a failure but a try. Best find out now so you can move forward with or without her.
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