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i love this guy who is 19 but i am 14

someone u dont know

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someone u dont know

ok i am seeing this guuy who i love very much and he loves me too and even though we are 5 years apart i still love him adn i want to be with him and i know that i should wait till i am older but i cant just forget about what we have now and i cant wait i need him now but what do i do because i know that he can get in alot of trouble but we dont care we cant live with out eachother

i am happy with him thats y i dont know what to do

i cant let him go

what do i do

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I don't know you, but your situation is not uncommon. At 14, your emotions are stronger than they'll ever be as an adult. At 19 this boy is still too immature to understand what a huge gap there is in your age. It's not really the actual years, because at 24 and 29 it would be no big deal, but right now it is HUGE!!!

He will probably be your first love forever, but when you are 19 looking back, and you see other guys your age interested in 14 year olds you will be totally grosed out. Think of a guy in your class liking a girl in the 4th grade even. It's kind of the same thing. I know it is hard, but there really are other guys out there at the same stage in life that will be just as much fun. I know it'll be hard, but for your sake and his you have to let him go. If you are truely ment to be, by the time you're 17 you will be old enough to make that decision, for the next 3 years, be a kid and have a lot of crushes and first kisses.


Good luck

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If your parents or other adults find out about the two of you and want to make trouble and the two of you haven't had sex yet, he can only be charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


If the two of you are engaging in serious sexual activity, he's a felon and can go to jail in many states for as long as 25 years for statuatory rape.


Yeah, I know you say you know about all the trouble you can get into...but YOU can't get into much trouble at all except with mom and dad maybe putting you on a month's restriction or something. But he can get his life ruined big time.


Before cupid gets too far here, check with your local police. While it may feel so wonderful now, waiting for him to get out of jail could be hell.


I say all this as if you live in the US. If you live in some other countries, like the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia, it could get as bad has them wacking off his weenie I think. They do stuff like that over there and there's no appeal process...they move pretty fast.


In any case, this is something you should enjoy in the privacy of a very deep cave somewhere in the Aghanistan jungle, not out in the open in America.

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I know what you are going through because when I was 15 I was madly in love with a 27 year old. We kissed once when he was totally drunk and I am so happy now that nothing more happened. At the time I didn't understand it, but now, as I know more of this cases, I can give you only the advice to leave it. Even if this sounds like crap to you now!


I know some guys who are 24 and going basically for 14 year olds. They are really nice guys as friends, but when it comes to girls they totally freak out. they only go for 14year olds becaus no normal girl their age would look at them. They are rather immature. and they play with girls whenever they have the chance to (they only respect a woman if they cannot play with her and she knows what they are trying to do), and with respect, when you are 14 you simply lack the experience to know what men are trying to do with you.


It's not that I am bitter but any decent man that really has feelings for a girl that young keeps his hands off her simply because he likes her. If he doesn't he does not really care about her!!! (this point is really good dealt with in the movie "Lolita" at the end when he finds out that what he did to her was wrong)


I tell you a story: a friend of mine who is 24 started going out with a 16 year old girl. She was totally crazy about him and everybody knew, simply cuz she was to young to know how to deal with men. So he got together with her. All his friends made fun of them. He liked her initially but he also played with her cuz she simply was so easy to play with, so he thought why shouldn't he. He told her all the crap stuff like:"you are so special to me, I never met a girl like you, I can't live without you...".


She slept with him ((for the first time ), he told everybody about it! (he thinks he is soo cool because he slept with a virgin...) they then had sex with each other a couple of times and then he dumped her because she was not good enough in bed!!!! And everybody knew about it and everybody laughed their heads off, and she had absolutely no clue!


Wait, if the guy is worth the effort he will wait for you, if not you can forget about him!


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Anyone at any age can be immature. Do not generalize and say that all 19 year olds are immature. I take serious offense to that.


Thank you for your consideration.


Now to the Post:

You are 14 years old! Maybe if you waited a couple of years or so, then it may be more feasible. It just seems weird to me, as he's seen as an adult and you as a child.

This just isn't right.


You are correct when you say that he can get in a lot of trouble. You may not think that you would do anything against him, but you are still under control of your parents. They can do the legal work and get this guy thrown away if they find out if anything is going on between you two in a sexual manner.


Watch out for yourself.



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Bill, if you mean I said all 19year olds are immature you misunderstood me. I was just saying that the guys I know go for much younger girls because they are immature and therefor no girl their age would go for them! I didn't mean to offend anybody!

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when i was 14 i fell in love with this guy. i thought he was my world and eveyrthing else between. he wasnt. at 14 your emotions run high your young think you know it all etc. dont get yourself in trouble over this guy. if he is meant to be with you and thats what is to be then it will be. you have plenty of time to wait it out. and if he cares about you then he wont mind waiting with you either. :) just think things through before you do anything drastic!!

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can't you wait until 18?






if you want us to give you our opinions, please and please take it sincerely and seriously


you are the master of your own destination. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING OR YOU ARE NOT SURE WHAT TO DO, IT IS OK to post some your questions here


we will try our best to help you


you have a lot of options to choose and IN THE END, YOU WILL HAVE TO CHOOSE THE ONE YOU THINK IT RIGHT







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