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signs in life?

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I have noticed a peculiar pattern in my life lately, and im wondering if its just my imagination... does this happen to others?


here's how it's been going:


right when things went bad with my bf in august, another guy in whom i was interested asked me out - that helped me get over the ex.


now that this guy sort of forgot abotu me (bastard but anyway), another guy unexpectedly showed interest in me.


it's as if life is directing and helping me ... it's a weird feeling! both guys showed interest unexpectedly, ive known both of them for some time, etc ...


whats going on? does it happen to you people?

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1. "whats going on?"


Part coincidence, part choice. You could have a major dry spell if you didn't want to drown your hurt in some adventures with a new guy. You can keep this up forever if you choose to.


Most people wait until they are over one person before they start dating other people.


The fact that you're getting asked out by other people may be that word has gotten around about your break up...or it may be just coincidence.


2. "does it happen to you people?"


It doesn't happen to everybody. But if a nice looking lady wants to go from dating one guy to another forever, she could probably pull it off if she put her mind to it.

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