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Administrivia: It's finally upgrade time!


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Dear Guests,


We have narrowed down our forum selection to two choices and are seeking any interested parties to help us make the final decision. Please send an e-mail to us letting me know that you are interested and I will send you further details. You must be available to test out the forum over the next few days. Immediately after the New Year, we will finalize the choice and open user registration to those who have been active on the forum. A few important points to take into consideration at this time.


  • The new forum system will be compliant with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). While we have officially prohibited any person under the age of 13 to post personally identifiable information here since the legislation went into effect in April of 2000, our new forum system will provide a means for those under the age of 13 to use the system through a parental consent form.
  • Users will not be able to use the nickname of another person already registered on the forum. With this in mind, users who have not registered will simply be shown on the forum as "Anonymous". You will no longer be able to pick a variety of user names when posting to the forum. Depending on the feedback we get, this may or may not change. At this time, however, there will be only one account permitted per person.
  • We are unable to migrate the current messages to the new system due to the drastic differences in the ways in which the data was stored for those messages. Therefore, the current LoveTalk forum will be preserved as a historical, searchable archive, to which we will add all 40,000 messages that have been posted at LoveShack.org since 1997.
  • During the first month as we roll out the new system, there may be various drastic changes made as we fine tune the system to work best with our site. We appreciate your patience as we make the necessary changes.
  • Since we will be anticipating a large number of user registrations in a short period of time, problems may arise with duplicate nickname registration attempts. If you find that someone has registered the nickname you used most often on the current forum system, send an e-mail to us and we will work with you to resolve the problem.
  • IMPORTANT: Should you wish to ensure that another person does not attempt to register your nickname before you have the chance, send an e-mail immediately to us with the following information:
    * Your name
    * Your e-mail address
    * The nickname that you wish to be held.
    These requests will be held in our database until you are able to provide your registration information.

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