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Mad crush on best friend's brother!


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Okay so here's the deal, I went out with my best friend this past weekend and her younger brother was in town visiting her. He is moving to our area soon and was visiting her for the weekend. We spent most of the weekend around eachother and talked a lot. We talked about a lot of personal things too, like relationships, sex, life, etc and I felt like we really connected. So where's this going? You tell me! I have developed a crush on this guy and I although I think he may have liked me, I'm not completely sure. There are some other issues involved liket the fact that I am about a year and a half older than he is, I don't think that's a big deal though. Also his sister is my best friend and I wonder if that could spell trouble. She asked me if I had a crush on him last weekend and I told her the truth, yes!!! She didn't seem to mind.


We exchanged cell phone numbers but didn't ever talk about contacting eachother, it was more like we needed to exchange numbers to stay in contact while he was there visiting cause his siter didn't have a phone. I do wish he would call me. SHould I call the guy? Or maybe should I wait and see what happens? I am sooo excited. I really thought I clicked with this guy. I think he'll be in town the next weekend so I am hoping I'll see him then but if not should I call him or leave him alone? I am so bad when it comes to these things, I always end up feeling stupid. What if he doesn't like me?





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Hiya Chase,


No reason why it could spell trouble between you and your best friend... he's her brother after all, not her boyfriend. You were honest with her when she asked, she had an opportunity there and then to tell you if it bothered her, she didn't... green light!. If her reaction, should something more develop, is still bugging you clarify things with her again before proceeding. I would think she'd be happy for you both if things turned out.


Sounds like there's every chance he likes you two (no reason not to right!?) and is probably wondering the same as you... does she like me?. No reason to make a move now if you may see him face to face again soon, wait, see what happens. Sure, give him a call if that doesn't pan out. If he doesn't like you romantically... then so be it, you've made a new friend but hey you've got nothing to lose in calling him :)


Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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if you've passed the sister test it might be a good sign that she's vetted you for him.


I'd take it as a compliment.


That said, the guy may be dense, slow, or insecure about contacting you for a date.


He may need a bit of a shove.


Why don't you ask him out first?


I mean, it is the 21st Century.

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