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I fatfished him and he blocked me


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As man myself, all we want is some honesty when it comes to photos of women. We don't like when photos from about 5-10 years ago when they were more fit and thinned out are posted as if it's current when it isn't, we don't like filtered photos, we don't like photos that are AI generated/influenced, and we don't like photos of selfies at a certain angle to make it appear as if they're thinner than they actually are. We get lied to about that kind of stuff more often than someone may think and it infuriates us. Granted, the guy in the story should have been a lot more respectful, but you should have put your up to date photos of yourself on the site rather than use the old ones. It's not justification of how he reacted, but if a guy posted up pics of himself back in college where he was very athletically fit then see him today where he's very overweight and out of shape, you'd also be very disappointed and feel very deceived. It works both ways: people will body shame, no matter if its a man or woman. Best way to counter that is to hit the gym, diet, and get into a physical hobby that you enjoy. They won't have much room to criticize then. I've been through this kind of scrutiny before because I was well over 300 pounds and now I'm hovering around 200. Now people can't call me insulting weight names. Either way, wish the insults didn't happen to you, but just see this from a guy's perspective.

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You poor thing.  You didn't feel all that great about yourself because of the weight & then this guy kicked you while you were down.  I'm sorry.  I'm sure that is painful.  

Still it's understandable.  At least you have your wits & some sense of humor around this.  I actually love the term you coined:  fatfished.  It's very clever and an apt description for inaccurate photos. 

Maybe take a break from OLD.  Focus on shedding those extra pounds if you like.  Learn to dress in a more flattering way.  I'm learning that myself, having reached my middle aged weight.  😒   Get back out there only after you come to terms with who you are and like yourself again.  If you are not happy with yourself you won't make a good connection with a quality partner.  Since you are 23, perhaps limit yourself to only dating men over 21.   

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