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Can you be too pretty?

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I would firstly like to add that I am extremely modest and have the nicest nature.

Speaking from other people, I have always been told I am beautiful to look at.

I struggle meeting men as they always end up being weird and acting insecure with me and it's as though they don't feel good enough.

I could understand if I was a flaunt and acted as though I love myself, but I am so down to earth, genuine and I believe everyone is beautiful in their own way.

I do have ex partners, however going back into the single world I do struggle when dating men to keep them balanced and on normal track and they always ask how someone so beautiful is single? 

My ex partner was confident and loved his self enough that he could accept me and love me and he wasn't threated by other men, however majority of men just seem to be insecure towards me even when I am kind and non judgmental.


Will I meet someone who loves their self ever? 

31 and feel my time is running out although I know that's daft, I am just fed up and sad for the world!

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Just now, alwayscurious said:

I can relate to your post  Rachel in more ways than one.  It goes the opposite direction as well where some women are reluctant engage with men that they THINK are out of their league as well (successful, fit, attractive, etc).  The age range is difficult as well in my opinion (I feel your pain)

Hey, I just find it real sad that people judge a book by its cover because of their own self esteem issues. I can only hope MR right will show up somewhere :)

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