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I have a worry I might be a vulnerable narcissists?

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I am 22 years old and lately due to recent events, I am worrying I might sound like a vulnerable narcissists:

1. I made a post regarding how due to me being forgetful, I left stove on after cooking like 3 times and how a housemate responded by going to the landlord and all saying he feels unsafe. First, I have heard people suggesting ADHD for me but I wonder if that is just me using it as an excuse. I admit, at low times, I sometimes feel annoyed with him for being a poor communicator about his feelings such as never saying he felt worried when I cook but when I feel like this, it sounds like I am trying to deflect blame from myself. At other times, I get why he did it when i remember others in the house too.

2. Before I left my house, I poorly packed and left a lot of recycling and my housemate made an aggressive comment about having to continue picking up after me . I find myself feeling frustrated with him as it kind of comes out of nowhere due to him not communicating about it and if he did, it was only a month before I left and I fixed that issue and I feel like this was a slip up but I worry I might be downplaying what I did with this. I see I was at fault but feel like he is too but wonder if this is childish thinking.

3. I shared a bathroom with one housemate for 8 months and this one guy was talking about being direct and bringing up issues. He was cordial with me and talked to me about the bathroom when picking up supplies and only once when I was cleaning and spilled some detergent. Apparently, he moved out because he said he couldn't live in the bathroom despite never saying a word to me about having an issue. I tried to keep it clean and maybe we had different standards/could have done more but others in the house used it and I shared with someone else downstairs and they said nothing. As well, this guy had issues related to anger, so I suspect maybe he was using the bathroom as an excuse to move out due to his issue as one housemate suggested. However, I feel like me thinking this is downplaying or not admitting I did anything wrong or something.

4. A friend of mine lives abroad and when I messaged them on two social media platforms, they did not reply despite being active on social media. I thought they were ghosting me and got really bothered but when I texted them, they just said they were busy and another friend said they are really busy and hardly hear from them too, showing how life gets in the way. I may like them so I also felt like I was being neglected. I have limited them on social media to move on but I worry that if I felt ghosted, I sounded like a narcissist who craves attention or intimate relations and have distanced myself from them give them space

5. I notice whenever I get in trouble with my parent, I tend to try and explain my way out as a reflex/panic, which I see is a flaw and all while feeling bad sometimes too.

6. I also have not high self esteem admittedly and feel really guilty/bad when I do something and I do have anxiety/ruminations.

So I wonder, do I sound like a vulnerable narcissist maybe?

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1 hour ago, NightRogue said:

I wonder, do I sound like a vulnerable narcissist maybe?

It's unclear why you are playing guessing games with made up faux diagnoses when you would be better going to a physician to address serious issues endangering your housemates such as leaving the stove on, or annoying issues such as leaving a mess, not pulling your weight or being responsible.


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