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Moving posts to new thread

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I had a post taken from one thread and used in another, without explanation that that's what was happening.

My commenting that I did not post there was then removed by a moderator for 'commenting on moderation'.

@Paul and moderators can any new threads created this way not be headed with an explanation of what is being done?




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Hi Ellener,

Sometimes, as was the case in the thread you're referencing, a conversation runs off in a completely different direction and on a completely separate topic than the one indicated in the first post. We ask all our participants to keep replies on topic within a given thread and to make sure they relate back to whatever was discussed in the first post, yet understand that sometimes different threads of conversation can branch off as individuals share with each other.

Whenever possible, we try to retain those conversations and may split them off into threads of their own rather than remove the posts for being off-topic. We'll select the posts that focused on the off-topic conversation and move them into a thread of their own. If the genesis of the discussion appears to be relevant, we'll typically add a note, yet the conversation was such a radical departure from the thread it originated in, that we did not think that was warranted.

We'll keep an eye out though and try to include notes as often as we can! Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the confusion.


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