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Is this cheating or they're just friends ?

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I’ve been together with my wife for over a year and we had a baby girl recently (I carried her) we have been busy taking care of the baby and things seemed ok until we met a girl who lives in our building let’s call her S. 

So S is a party girl and usually has friends over and drinks. My wife and her became kind of friends. So s starts offering to market for us (I have my own restaurant , my wife is a personal trainer.) so S starts to market my wife and promise to get her clients. Also me and my wife are both lesbian but when I asked S if she is bi (she constantly talks about her ex boyfriend and how good and bad their relationship was ) she laughed and said she wasn’t sure and maybe in the middle.  


On maybe the second time we met S was drunk and sad I didn’t know why. My wife then took her drink and downed it and when S asked why, my wife said because I don’t want you to get drunk. Then s said can we talk over on the side , my wife said ofcourse and stayed behind. 

It looked like a. Deep conversation. Before I left I saw S hold my wife’s hand and intertwine the fingers. My wife didn’t pull away. 

The 3rd time we went I left to take care of the baby and my wife stayed behind with S and her friends till morning. 

The next time S invited us to hang out again and I didn’t want to go but my wife insisted. It was maybe 4th time we met. We went up and s was with one guy who said hey s can you massage my neck and she said sure. After a while the guy said wow s has amazing hands you girls should try. 


I said no politely but my wife said sure. Anyway the girl began massaging her neck and shoulders and from the beginning my wife was saying it was so good and she knew how to do it so well and also kind of moaned. S massaged her forehead and cheeks, and leaned her head back against her chest  

It went on for over 10 minutes. 

Btw my wife is a chiropractor too and kept insisting to stretch S out but S was saying no I’m fine. My wife was persistent and S finally agreed. Most of the evening they were talking to each other 


Also I noticed my wife doesn’t listen to S’s voice notes when I’m around even though they are short and In texts it’s usually S who talks more but it’s about business mostly. 


What do you guys think? Am I being paranoid ? Or is there something going on?? 

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