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Hot Cold behaviors

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Hello my fellow love shack(ers) ! ,

Ive been dating a 32 year old man For 4.5 yrs now. I definitely consider him my best friend & lover 🥰  I was adopted into a family that was more dysfunctional than usual & he definitely helped me become the woman I am today from past traumatic experiences. As you all know no relationship is perfect so here I am seeking advice!

He has a chemical imbalance and takes a mood stabilizer to balance it out. His OCD and temper is EXTREME without it. I noticed in our relationship he likes to be in control in all aspects besides sexually ( I found that interesting) anyhoo, he gets what we call “ Tantrums” almost daily. He owns his own shop as a mechanic and is constantly negative! “ My customers won’t stop texting me” “ this and that went wrong” etc. 

I notice the only way he expresses his inner thoughts is through text. He texts me  “ I miss you” when hes not mentally in a good place.

 If I were to ask whats wrong in person, he freaks out and yells at me. If its through text message he's able to explain whats wrong.. he acts out like this as well when there is an issue in our relationship..  I find it frustrating that he cannot act like a grown man and just express himself in person. I’ve tried to stay proactive and positive but I’m human too 😩  He wants to get married soon and sometimes I get nervous that his hot n cold behaviors will tear us apart. 

What would your advice be? 

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