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I really like this girl, but I don't want to date her at my weight

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Daniel Green

Ok so I went through a rough breakup and gained like 80 lbs. I also had my confidence crushed because my ex's parents bullied the weight gain after the breakup and that really kept me away from trying to 'fix' things with my ex. After a year, I started to pick myself up and focus more on fitness, but I am still nowhere where I want to be. 

There is a really really insanely cute girl that I am interested in and her friend said that she wants to go out with me. She only saw me on Facebook where I have all of my old pics. Since she lives 4 hours away by car, I suggested a phone call before a real date and we spoke for hours straight. Now I feel like she is expecting a date and Im not sure what to do. She even told her family about me and I'm honestly not sure how much difference a few weeks of stalling can make. I'm 6 feet 265 lbs and very muscular -but also very heavy. I'm just not sure what to do because I am risking my chances with her no matter what I choose to do. I wish I had like 3 months to stall, but it seems sort of disrespectful. 

What makes matters worse is that we are both mildly religious and dating is very straightforward in our culture. 

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