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'Perfect imperfections' - the random or unconventional things you find attractive

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I agree with Toodaloo on the big noses! Mmmm, I love me a good Roman schnozz.


Also agree with a little gut, especially on a thinner guy. They are usually self-conscious but I have to resist the urge to just love on that gut, then make my way down...:love:


I love brilliant men who can build their own computers.


I tend to dig stoic types (but this has sometimes bitten me in the azz).

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Rough hands. None of that lily white, I've never worked type of hands for me.


A bit of Sheldon-esque doofiness


Someone who can come out with a 1980's or Monty Python reference in normal conversation


I like big noses too, and slightly asymmetrical faces.


A guy who (once we've dated awhile) will say slightly bawdy things in my ear at inopportune moments


A man who will say the blessing at a restaurant


I like the wink too

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To continue the nose angle, I remember where it came from for me at an early age, early 1970 actually, when I first saw tapes of the infamous Altamont concert up-state where the Hell's Angels killed a few people but it wasn't that stuff which stood out to me, rather the profile views of a then young rock singer who had something quite other than the puggish and petite noses of my young female contemporaries. That, combined with her piercing blue-gray eyes and haunting voice, inspired a gigantic crush in a young guy just starting to feel that sexual stuff for girls and left me with a residual 'go to place' for interestingly prominent noses and also for women who tend to express their desire and sexual stimulation by flaring their nostrils. Heh....


Another 'perfect imperfection' would be freckles, a foil to the stereotypical flawless skin that it appears so many seek.

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Nice list you got there, Shepp!


I have a crazy thing for computer/gamer geeks (who are good at what they do). :laugh: When I was single previously, I had a crush on a few gamers whom I had only heard about and talked to ingame but had never even met. And there was this really weird occasion with a guy in college who was known for bypassing the college computer firewalls (to install the games and stuff that we played when the Profs weren't around)... He came to my house to get the configurations for the internet connection that I'd set up (it was a tricky one, and one of the students I shared housing with had told him that I'd done it for ours) . We chatted about only tech stuff the entire time, but that night I had a dream about him that was rather sexual. REALLY weird... :o


Double points if he's a math whiz who can quote lots of random trivia.


Lean/skinny dudes who are somewhat tall and lanky.


Slightly rough skin on his hands/arms.







Yeah... not a very difficult-to-fulfill list. :laugh: It's probably the combination between these unconventional preferences and my more conventional ones (a man who is responsible, chivalrous, thoughtful, puts in effort, etc) that made it difficult to find. I did wait quite a while for my SO. :)

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Is it bad to admit that I really have a thing going for bald heads at the moment too???


Its just soooo scrummy!

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