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26 Year Old Male Happy With Every Aspect of My Life Except Dating

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Ok, let's go down the list here





To some extent it's a numbers game. You say you don't have the chance to meet a lot of women. Since you are otherwise happy with your life, I think you just need to tweak a few things, particularly you need to do something that will enable you to meet more people & more women.


I meet people all the time, make friends everywhere I go. Meeting cute single women? Different ballgame


Meeting cute single women who like me? 10 times harder ballgame



If there aren't a lot of women where you work, make sure you go out for lunch. Become a "regular" somewhere & see if you notice any other regulars.



I go to a bunch of places regularly but there are no women there that I would be interested in


Join some kind of group that does something you enjoy or are passionate about.


Here's the problem with this, most of my interests are very male dominated


I'm into bodybuilding, football (other sports too but football is my favorite), videogames, etc... Very few women share my hobbies


Go speed dating. They never have enough men.


Never tried this but I've heard atrocious feedback on this


Tell friends & family you are open to being introduced to new women. There was some guy on LS who said he put it on his FB that he wanted introductions & his friends came through. You never know who knows somebody who will be perfect for you. Some acquaintances took me to an event where I met my husband



I've tried this over and over and over again to absolutely no avail


Go to industry events or chamber or commerce meetings for your job.


I have gone to things similar to this a few times to no avail



Take or teach a class



Not an option, I work 50 hours a week. I don't want to add any extra work load to my week



Join a co-ed sports team


I have tried to find some co ed sports teams to no avail. I currently play in a football league but that's obviously all men


Volunteer somewhere: at your church; to raise money for a cause / disease you care about; to get your favorite politician elected; even sweeping out kennels for animal rescue


I would do this in terms of it being a good idea in general but using it to find women? Seems very unlikely


Consider getting a pet; many women will talk to a guy about his dog. I used to belong to a now defunct group called Leashes & Lovers where you could bring your 4 legged friend to events.


I love dogs to death. The problem? I work 50 hours a week. Some days I work 13 hour work days. I would be torturing him/her if I got a dog

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Yup. You're right. You have a defeatist attitude.


My suggestions weren't meant to be an exhaustive list but you seem to have missed my main point. If what you are currently doing, isn't working, then you have to do something different.


BTW, when I say class I don't mean an academic subject . . . I mean an adult education thing where you learn something new over the course of 3-4 weeks, nothing taxing. Something like investing 101; golf for beginners; how to cook Thai food; creative writing; etc.


Do you go out to watch football? Try to find out where the local college alumni association goes to watch their games. I went to a big 10 school & the bar where the alumni association goes to watch the games has tons of women in it. My women of {my alma mater} used to get together to watch the games in various bars. While not too many women may play American football, almost all of my female friends are die hard fans. So your statement that women don't like football simply isn't accurate.


I will assure you of this, if you don't change what you are doing now, nothing will ever get better. The classic definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over but expecting a different result.

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A lot of people don't believe this though. They have this idea that if you're unsuccessful with women you must be depressed or unsuccessful in other aspects of your life

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