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Anyone Know A Narcissist Or Can Help Me Understand Them?


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Is anyone familiar with Narcissism?? I need to talk to someone that may have an idea on helping me cope and heal from leaving a narcissist. PLEASE!

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My beautiful wife spent 18 yrs surviving her ex-h. She hid it so very well what was really going on when no one was looking including me who was a friend of his. She got the strength to finally make a final decision to run for it after I told her (my secretary at the time) I was leaving my 17 yr marriage and abusive wife. Two weeks later she escaped and for a higher profile person in the community to check into a womens shelter for her saftey and a place to stay took a huge amount of courage.


With help from the shelter staff she got on her feet. She continued to go to meetings there and she gained new insights into herself and the sickness he had. She later on became one of the shelters staff for a yr.

Take in mind this guy was a major con man and one major 260 lb. bad a$$ for anyone to go up against. Her strength grew even more than she knew herself as she ran into him on a sidewalk one day. She told me she looked him in the eyes said Hi after he did and she felt no fear for the first time and knew within herself she overcame him. That was near 8 yrs ago. Has he tried different intimidating stunts?...of course. He always backed down and now doesn't bother us much.


Yes she walked away from a new house and all the goodies he liked to buy. But things can be replaced and are not anywhere worth your happiness, safty and peace of mind.


They are a master of manipulation. You are right to seek council. Even if you dont have the need to check into a womens shelter, many shelters are set up with people skilled to personally help you.


I want so very much for my wife to publically tell her story including all the mental and physical battering she endured for 18 yrs. All of what she has learned, healed and overcome from this mental sickness put on her.

If you met her and talked to her I would put a bet out Beth that you would be so inspired and uplifted with hope and determination.


Needless to say she is the most impressive person I have ever met in my life and I have the privledge to be friends and be married to her.


Beth...please stay in touch.

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Originally posted by


Stay away from these people. If evil is a real concept, then narcissists fall under this.





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