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I really need advice...


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Ok,here's what is going on.My


guy bestfriend is mad at me,he's saying that I'm trying to interfere on his current relationship.I haven't


said or done a thing.He used


me to try to make his girl


jealous and it back fired and


that's why he is mad.He's been


dressing and acting differently.Alot of people have been telling me about his


change and not to many are happy with it.He has let go of


his morals and doing things


he never said he would.And the


girl he's with,is a total fake.She's pretty from what I've been told in a fake way.


Her main point she always makes to her friends about him is he's rich.I really think she's with him only because of that reason.


She's lying about herself.She


told him she was a virgin,when


I her friends from her old highschool talk about what a


slut she used to be.I've been


away on military training and


it's my friends who have been


trying to talk to him,he's mad


about this and mad because he


was found out to be lying to


her.He was saying that he and


I have done things that we never did.It's just one big


messed up situation to which


he's blaming me with no right


to.He sent me this e-mail


last night:


I don't know what's going on either, and quite frankly I don't care. Your friends are driving me crazy, M***** is making things up. I don't care what's going on. I would really appreciate it if you and all your friends would just leave me alone. I'm tired of all this, and I wish it would just be over with. My girlfriend hasn't done anything or said anything, but believe me she is getting really annoyed with this whole thing, and so am I. As for not knowing about her, D**** you know better than that. I've been seeing her since February. Long before you even went into the army. Just please leave me alone. All I want is to get on with my life, and all this is driving me crazy. Please leave me alone, and tell your friends to do the same.


He's trying to make himself and her out to be the innocent ones when it has always been all them.I can


forgive him for it,we have been close for 8 years.I wish


he would see this girl for who


she really is.I want my old friend back.Can anyone help


me think of a way to do this.

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Hi Renee,


This won't be the answer you're hoping for but I truly believe you need to step back and let your friend use his own judgement in this relationship.


Your responsibility as a friend is to speak the truth to him; you've fulfilled that responsibility. If you value the friendship you need to stop your interference immediately. Your friend has made it clear your meddling is not welcome. Respect his wishes or you will lose his friendship.

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