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, i am in dire need of some advie.....

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I met my best friend almost ten yeas ago, and thees a 12 year diference btween our ages. she was a (fake) old friiend of mines babysitter. and that friend was getting really bad with drugs. and the babysitter, was being used big tme and i didnt want a 14yr old around all that. So we bacame really good friends, and we ended up attached at my hip. I know it's weird the sound of a 14year old being my bff. but my daugters loved her, and i kept her away from the bad crap at that house. she eventually ended up practilly livng with me. And she was having family issues. and my man dealt wth it, unyil he got sick of her always bing there. so a couple years go by and she went back home, but still came over on days off ad on weeends. times goes by an i find ot from my daughter that my bf was at a hotel with her 12yr old friend of hers, as well with the father of one of her friend's father. he was offering her money to let him take picures of her and her friend. At the time, she claimed it was harmless and there was nothing to worry about and that it was just pics. I was so upset i mean shes not only y bf but i feel as if shes family, lke my daughter. i get a male friend of mine to take me there to make sure thats everythings ok. and my bf says nothins going on. i knew something more, she promised no nudity, so we got my bf and her friend to take that old man out of the room for a min. my male friend grabbed the camera, and used film and through it out the hotel window, and e left. my male friend showed me the screen saver on his camera, and it was my bf topless. so my bf lied. and i found out she did it more and more and she refused that there was never any nudity, just wim suts.

than she finally left him alone, or was realy good of making me fee that she was beng honest. Then, a year she started dating this drug addict, even worse his eniter famile were drug addicts. Well her man didnt like me, and he found out some how about the photos, and she used me as its was all my fault saying i begged her cuz i need to pay my bills. i had a b than, and it was a bullface lie.

he made her choose between me my girls or him ad she chose him. She literally fell of face of the earth. she even refused to talk to my daughtes. which broke their hearts as well as mine.

ok now lasy year in late january and early march. My youngest was looking her up on facbook and finaly she mus have unblocked us. and she enetered our lives again. Mind you this is four years later. and she has a son, and fnally leaving her druggy boyfriend.

I was shocked, but she is like my other half. and i was hesitant, but i love her. and it been a yaer now, an she has become the biggest liar i know.

She's saying now that shes fallin in love with me, or already ad have been in love with me. i made t clear i dont trust her and i cant imagion having relations wit her, due to shes like my daughter n all. well my questio is......

she is insainly jealous, and she saw me kissing someone last night when we went out to have a few drnks. and she stormed out left me there no ride, and tld my 16yr old that im a whore.....;( She literaly is stil using old men, correction old married men, and get them to buy her clothes and paying her car payment, rent, bill, extra... i just dont know anymore... she blames me for lying but when shes telling me how much she loves me, shes telling her babby daddy the same, as well as getting other dudes numbers and saying stuff for example like ; shes going to the zoo with her son, and her mom, cause her mom wants to go. I was checig out her pics , on her ipod, cause i wanted to see the ones from when we went capming with all the kids, and I see her, her son, and her baby daddy. and you need to understand i dont care. I love her and always will, but shes not who she used to be. She also continues to say im the liar, that im this im that. but i am nothing but stright forward, I say it like it is. ie told her this all before to her face. I donnt believe in two-faced people they honestly make me sick

So do i continue to let be in our lives, or do i tell her to go?

Also please keep in mind that I a 36, and I am literally friendless... every friend I have ever had, has broken me, stolen from me and my daughters, used me, soooooooooo many liers and backstabbers.

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