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dont know what to do


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well im back after my big episode wth my bestfriend


i still have fealings for her , but what can i do , i have to move on :(




i met dat girl 2 weeks ago in a bar wee allways go


and i liked her wee talked for a bit , but i ddnt ask her # cause , i dont know i forgot




my bestfriend knows her , cause she's in 2 of his classes


i went back to dat bar last week and i saw her , wee just say hi , she looked mad or something , maybe not her day


well she's having a party this friday and i want to go cause i wanna see her


my best friend talked to her about me a bit , asking her if he could bring me , not dat i realy needed to be invited or something like dat, just of emphesize my more , in her mind




i dont know what to do at her party, dont know how to behave, cause i realy never been like aournd her a lot


i guess im stressed or somthing like dat




weelll wha can i doo ??


i realy do like her , and i dont wanna ##### thing's up


pease give me some advice , anyone



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Go to the party. Circulate around with and without your friend, making small talk with most of the people there. Usually, you find a few people you have a lot in common with and you end up talking to those a lot more.


Of course, you will get around to talking to this girl. Just treat her like anybody else at the party, be nice, make some conversation, get to know a little about her, make sure she remembers your name and know that the two of you visit the same bar, and move on.


Don't be starting at this girl a lot of con't try to monopolize her time. Talk with her just enough but don't make it look like you want to be with her the rest of your life. After five or ten minutes, move on to others. Play it by ear, though, and if it seems she wants to talk longer, stay an extra five minutes.


Remember, she is having the party so she is in charge of making sure everybody is taken care of. Be very considerate of her responsibilities so don't keep her too long. Maybe you can have a few brief chats...instead of one longer one. Just make sure it doesn't look like you're trying to make time with her. Be really cool about it.


The next time you see her at the bar, you won't be such a stranger and you can walk right up to her and start talking...and ask for her number. Be sure to have a pen with you.


At the party, just be nice and make small talk like you would with anyone else.


If you talk like you write and she doesn't, I would try to talk to her in more a commonly accepted accent. (Say this and that instead of dis and dat) You sound a bit cajun, so if she is as well, you're in...I GARROONTEEE!!!

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