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please help what is the truth??

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since 3 years with my bf together, last month he had spent the night with the woman which lives 300km far away.


He told me they didn't make love, be he spent the night with her and after they develop a feeling to each other.


they keep contact on Phone, but he told me he don't want to be with her.


Now we are together , but i konw they have still contact specially she use to call and e-mail everyday. So what kann i do please help, wenn i ask her she told me that he told her he has no feeling for me he wants to be with her.


wenn i ask him if it true, he is telling me that she lies


so what kann i do????????

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Wow, you sound like such a sweety and you're the last person in the world I would want to have a broken heart. So let me give you some thoughts and you figure this one out.


You have been seeing this guy for three years and last month he spent the night with another woman. For what purpose? Could he not afford a hotel? Did he know her well? Did he sleep with her in the same bed? If so, how are you certain they did not have sex?


I don't think she would have told you he said he has no feelings for you if he didn't ssy that. However, she is not a very nice person for telling you this. But he may have said that just to get his way with her...to convince her to have sex. You will have to dig deeper to get answers here.


Why is your boyfriend keeping phone contact, sending Email, etc. with a lady he spent the night with?


This doesn't sound good and if you weren't so sweet I would tell you to dump the bum. If you determine he has been truly honest about all this and is willing to stop communicating with her, perhaps you can forgive him.


But if he is going to continue the phoning and Emailing and she is not just a friend, you need to take some action very quickly.


I personally don't trust your boyfriend...but I'm not you.

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thanks tony


you know as he spent the night with her it was over with me


after that he cried for doing that and told me that he loves me and want to be with me and i forgive him and we are since 2 weeks together. he is telling me she is the one who is calling and he can't ignore it. the only thing what he can do is just answering wenn she calls. and we had a very nice time after we came together. you know 3 years wenn we are together he had done nothing. wenn i asked him why he did that he told me after breaking he felt very lonely and want somebody to talk and haveing nice feeling.


so now i am so confused and we live in the same house so i'm


realy confused, please think and feel it bevore you give me the answer bye sweetie

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