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i met her now what ??????

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i met dat girl in a bar 2 weeks ago with some friends and wee talk a bit and all but nothing more


last night i saw her again at this rave and wee taled for a bit


then after the rave she was supposed to met me at the big parc where everybody meats after the rave


but i was tired


and at 1:30 i left


i didnt see her again cause i left and i didnt ask for her #


now what do i do ?????


i think my friend nows her from somewhere, but not shure


what do i do if i meat her a third time ?


she has dat smile , allwayys happy :)


i like dat


but i dont have her # man :(


what do i do ????


cause i have to start everything from scratch with her , cause i dont know her very welll


and i think im gonna tell her strait out next time i see her , dat i like her , and im interested in gettin to know her more


what do i do ?????

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When I meet somebody I really like, I will stay up to be with them and get to know them no matter how tired I am. Give some thought to how much you really like this girl or if you just like the idea of knowing her.


Wait until you bump into her again and ask for her phone number. If you come right out and tell her you like her, she's going to think you're nuts. You hardly know her at this point. You might just start off with how much you like her smile.


Be sure to pack pen and paper when you go out.

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and i like her nto cause of her smile


the way she talks to me


how smart she is


dat she doesnt take hard drugs


i hope dat im gnna run into her again :)


dat would be a shame ehehhe


thanks randy



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This is a very perplexing situation. My boyfriend (?), and I met almost a year ago. We hit it off and had a good thing going. Then some problems came up after about 3 months, in which we both got very hurt. I was willing to work thngs out with him, and, for the most part we did. However, after the incident, which in my opinion, was trivial, he withdrew the affectionate words he used to use, stopped telling me he loved me,etc., but yet wanted to continue seeing me. I went through a very difficult time after that, my mother was killed in a car wreck, and I went into a depression, confusion, etc., and broke up with him. He took it very well, which upset me, because I guess I thought he should've given me time to get through the grief I was experiencing. Since that time, we have kept in touch all the time, and since this was a long-distance relationship to begin with - I decided to relocate near him. He was very happy about that, and helped me with things. But, let me back up some here, after I broke up with him, HE decided we'd only be friends. I told him I couldn't handle just being friends with him. How can one go from an intimate relationship to just being friends? However, neither one of us dated anyone else. After I relocated - and, yes, he encouraged this, I thought we would be able to work through the problems we had. This may seem strange, but we could always feel the other's feelings, and even though he said he didn't love me, his eyes lit up when he was with me, and I could feel his love. We talked about a commitment to each other, then I didn't see him or hear from him for 3 weeks. He was getting ready for a business trip overseas, but I thought he was avoiding the issues. He emailed me and said he had plans to see me before leaving, but didn't know if there would be time, as he had so many things to take care of. I got fed up with this behavior and started seeing someone else. He then wrote me about a week before leaving and said he thought it would be a mistake to rebuild our relationship again, and that he didn't "feel" a personal relationship with me at all, and to let go of my feelings for him, because in time, I'd be glad that I did. He is going thru some depression and withdrawal and said he was letting go of everything in his life, including me, but that we could still be friends, and that we'd probably never have our relationship the way it was. So, I wrote him and wished him well, and told him that I started seeing someone new, and that I had let go of a lot of my feelings for him, and pointed out a few things which he could have done to make our relationship work. He did this to me. Anyway, he emailed me before he left to catch his plane, and wanted to know if he could write me when he gets back - in a month, or should we just let things go and go our own ways? Then twice he mentioned the new guy in my life, and wished me well and much happiness. I had told him several times that we could remain friends, and I sure don't understand where he's coming from. I think he is one confused puppy right now. He seems to think that love is a feeling. I guess that to me, love is an action word, and that when problems arise, you try to work them through, but he seemed to shut down all feelings when we had problems. I don't know what to do - whether to keep the door open as friends - or just go our own ways. And, I guess I can't understand why he thinks it so important that we keep in touch. Any insight will be helpful, as well as advice. He kinda made it clear in one of his letters that he didn't have any romantic feelings toward me anymore. But, yet when we were together, his actions betrayed his words. So, if someone can help - I'd sure appreciate it.

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