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26 years wasted

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I have been married to the same woman she has not been a loving wife since we got married she does not want me to touch her always an excuse when i want to have sex it is like wwlll with her doses she loves me or ever had a year ago my sister finnaly opend up to me and told me one day she came to visit my home and my wife too about 15 minits to open the door for them and she kept on calling out that it was her to and no answer i came home at that time an started to open the door she look embaressed here shirt was untucked and hair was messed up and there was a guy there this guy grew up with her family and was a bit yonger then her so i didnt pay attention to it my sister did but did not say any thing the week later this kid knocks on the door and my wife told me dont answer it he is always here and never gives us any privacy so i said ur right never thinking anything well when this finally came out i told my wife all of the sudden she was more open to sex and we had it more often no more fighting for it it is like she is trying to make me forget about that day and i have told here that i know she did it she clams up or screams at me she says she wants a lie detector test or is she saying that so i dont do it one thing i have always been faithful also before i i told her i knew she never said i love u only a few times now she say it often now iddont know what to do or what to think should i beleive he or give her a liedetector test and can a person pass a detector test while llieing

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